Obama's October Surprise

29/10/2012 14:56 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Hunkered down just a mile from the White House I can't help but wonder with a little more than a week to go, before Election Day could "Frankenstorm" aka "Sandy" become Obama's "October Surprise" and possibly his Katrina Moment?

This Perfect Storm is already wreaking havoc with the travel schedules of both candidates and their surrogates.

However "Explainer-in-Chief" Bill Clinton is stumping away today in sunny battleground state - Florida.

More importantly, the consequences the impact a massive power failure could have on the 65 million potential voters' ability to cast their ballots is (excuse the pun) un-chartered waters.

How this is seen politically will be a factor.

While running for re-election, the president needs this moment to show he is in control and 'presidential' as he takes command of all the aspects of an efficiently run government.

It is also a political opportunity to show the American people that he is not asleep at the switch - avoiding the unfortunate Katrina moment which so plagued his predecessor GW Bush with his now famous "Brownie you're doing a great job" comment.

Consequently, Obama has scratched campaign events today in Florida and has decided to return to the White House and stick close to home.

Sandy also presents a challenge for Governor Mitt Romney.

He needs to tread carefully since he cannot attack the president while he is doing important life saving work or he will appear opportunistic - and that could backfire!

This storm is already affecting early voting schedules in some states.

It is seriously disrupting the ground operations of both campaigns who are trying to get their voters out to the polls to vote early.

The power outages and other related storm damage could potentially last through Election Day...and beyond.

After the "Derecho" storm this summer, it took over two weeks for the power to go back on in many places, and polling stations need power on Election Day to function.

At last look the Federal Government in DC is Closed. The New York Stock Exchange is Not trading today, and parts of Manhattan are being evacuated.

We are indeed in un-chartered territory. At this point the unknows truly out weigh the knows.

Under these trying circumstances, the candidates will need to do their very best.

It may be a bumpy and wet ride for all of us to Election Day!

Stay Dry!

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