Drugs at Work? Social Experiment Gathers Pace

Drugs at Work? Social Experiment Gathers Pace

Last year the Press Association reported a study that suggested at least one million Brits go to work with drugs in their system.

The study carried out 1.7 million tests and found that one in 30 employees were, or at least had been on some sort of illegal high recently enough for drugs to show positive. Such included cannabis, opiates and cocaine.

Sam Briggs is man who has certainly been under the influence while at 'work' - dishing out safety advice while stoned, happy on ecstasy or going nothing short of temporarily off his head following some mushrooms of the magic variety. Sam wasn't actually at work doing this, but posing as a public works employee of some kind.

The four-day-old video has already received over 250,000 views on YouTube, and has been dubbed by Gawker as a 'landmark piece of investigative journalism.' In it, we see Sam, a student talk of responsible headphone use, giggle a lot and stare for some time at a manhole.

Whatever you might draw from this enjoyable video, it's true to say that drugs made Sam's day offering safety tips an interesting one.


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