Assignment Writing Services: Why Do Students Need Them?

The trend of hiring assignment writers is nothing new among students. They have been relying on the custom-writing industry for several years, and there is no sign of regress in this aspect.

The trend of hiring assignment writers is nothing new among students. They have been relying on the custom-writing industry for several years, and there is no sign of regress in this aspect. Recently, I had an opportunity to talk to a writer who has worked for a popular writing company. He shared his experience and thoughts about the industry, which is helping students to get the grades they aim for.

"I've been a part of the custom-writing industry for an entire decade. When I started working for UK BestEssays, I assumed we would mostly collaborate with foreign students, as well as with those who found studying and writing hard. I was surprised when I realized that even students from the most prestigious British universities needed assistance. These individuals were not lazy and indifferent towards their education; they were just burdened with more work than they could ever complete.

Students from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, and other top-level institutions are very committed to their education. That's exactly why they need help from assignment writing services online. A single failure can be tremendous for their graduation plans. The standards for UK academic writing are very high, but it's impossible for a student to produce high-quality content for every single topic he gets. The only solution in such situation is to hire a professional writer to do the work for you."

Let's talk statistics: Where do the customers come from?

Our friend from UK BestEssays explained that students from American universities purchase content more frequently when compared to those that study in the UK. The reasons behind that fact are obvious: U.S. schools require a greater number of projects per semester. Although the instructions are a bit simpler, the number of assignments imposed to American students leads to a greater number of orders.

On the other hand, the assignments requested by British professors are more serious, complex and layered. Since no one bothers explaining to students how they should approach these challenges, it's clear why the assignment writing industry is blooming at this point. Students usually purchase essays and research papers online, but they also need programming assignments, math homework, lab reports, presentations, and other types of projects. That's why the offer of these services is so versatile.

What are the reasons behind the increased popularity of writing services? According to the writers and other people who are part of the industry, we should blame the educational system. University professors say that a student is cheating when he's purchasing papers online, but they still assign more projects with short deadlines, knowing that there is no chance for a single person to complete such amount of work. The issue is more complex than it initially seems. The content delivered by custom-writing companies is not linked to piracy in any way. It is based on in-depth research and it contains proper references. In other words, it is 100% unique, and the student is free to use it in any way he prefers. The professor may have suspicions about the authorship, but there is absolutely no way for supporting those claims with facts.

When international students get into the picture, the existence of the custom-writing industry is justified even further. Higher education is more business-oriented than ever, so universities have no problem about accepting a greater number of applicants. Some of the foreign students don't have the needed knowledge and skill to write academic papers in English. Nevertheless, they are still expected to provide the same level of quality as natives if they want to obtain that degree. Since universities fail to provide effective training for this category of students, they have no other choice than to purchase assignments online.

Some students have jobs and families to take care of, so they cannot commit to full-time studying and assignment writing. They need assistance by real writers to go through the system and gain the degree they aim for. All these symptoms of flawed higher education prove one thing: the problem is not in custom-writing services. They exist because there is a great demand and necessity for such assistance.

The moral of the story

It's clear that today's students can't handle all responsibilities related to class attendance, studying, exams, assignment writing, work, family, social life, and personal growth at the same time. They do not receive the needed support from their schools and teachers. All these reasons are valid, but they do not make the act of submitting someone else's work as your own right in any way. The task of assignment completion is the easiest one to delegate, and that's exactly why there is an entire industry that enables students to do that.

Writing is a skill that's necessary for progress in any profession. When graduates enter the workforce, they have to possess capacity for superb research and writing. These services are not helping universities to produce graduates of such caliber. Papers and assignments are part of the educational system for a reason: they prepare students to meet different standards of the job market. If students outsource that work, they are wasting the chance to improve their skills of written communication.

There are different groups, programs, and courses available for students who have difficulties with academic writing. They can also approach professors for help and address their complaints at any time. Instead, they opt for the easy way out and decide to buy the content online for the sake of getting a good grade. The first thing that needs to be changed is the mental frame of the student, who needs to understand how important academic writing is for his career. Then, the universities have to make adjustments in their programs; because students simply cannot handle the workload they impose.

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