Ad Review: Kia Soul - Bringing Down The House

16/09/2012 22:11 BST | Updated 13/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Attempting to persuade an individual to buy a car by using a group of dancing hamsters is quite a tall order, but after seeing the Kia Soul advert created by David&Goliath (Los Angeles) a sudden personal desire for the product emerged. However, the only concern on my mind was whether the dancing hamsters were included with the car on purchase.

The opening sequence of the advert stirs up curiosity by bringing the viewer into an 18th century opera performance. The luxurious interior of the opera house coupled with the outrageous theatrical elements creates a backdrop that keeps the viewers eye on the overall narrative. Within the commercial, a sense of tension is momentarily created. I must admit it did not have me on the edge of my seat, but it was just enough to make me highly expectant of what was to come. Before I could blink, the well-designed KIA Soul was on the stage. In and amongst the decadent setting, it is clear that the innovative design of the car is one of the strong selling points. By looking closely at the commercial we see that the product is a stark contrast to the platform it is presented on. The use of contrasts is used numerously throughout the advert. I think the agency's aim behind this approach was to emphasise the uniqueness of the product and to create an atmosphere of non-conformity for the viewer. I also think they used these techniques as a tactic to encourage retention in the minds of the audience.

In terms of the sequence of the advert, it began with an 18th century decadent aesthetic, which transformed into a 21st century modern rave. I think the sequence reflects the evolution of the KIA organisation, which has been heavily propelled by creative product design and innovation. According to a recent KIA report, it states 'Kia is the newest and most exciting force of change in the automotive world...' The advert further illustrates the organisation's transformation and it's commitment to the everlasting pursuit to be the next best thing.

The commercial appeared during the MTV VMA (Video Music Awards). I think the reason behind this strategy was to reach their target audience of young millennials (Age 16-24) and create a strong impression of cultural relevance. The hamsters were dancing to the Axwell remix of "In My Mind" by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay, a song that is gaining mass popularity amongst the youth. In this day and age, owning a car is still seen as 'cool' so I think the addition of cultural relevance was an effort to further bolster the car's cool factor and increase the value of the product in the mind of the target audience.

The only flaw that I could pick out was that the KIA Soul does not time travel (Do not be fooled people!). Apart from that, the advert was memorable, humorous and it clearly demonstrated the visionary outlook of both the product and the organisation in today's world.