Covid has taken a heavy toll on young people and made many homeless. For some, the kindness of strangers has been a saviour.
In one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in the country, a community project is working to transform the lives of young people – using horses. The Ebony Horse Club was founded by Ros Spearing in Loughborough Junction, with the club offering children from the area a sanctuary from urban life whilst teaching them the value of hard work, patience and working with others.
Emergency responders describe the pressure of racing trying to save a life, as knife crime surges across the country.
The latest stats show knife-related crimes are at their highest numbers for nine years – a 45.7% increase. While the government and police debate how best to tackle the crisis, some community figures are taking it upon themselves to stem the flow of murders. In 2014 Dwayne Simpson was murdered when he tried to intervene in a fight not far from his home in South London. In response Dwayne's mother Lorraine set up a boxing gym to honour his legacy of community outreach.
Don’t dismiss the problems of young people when the UK urgently needs to change the nature of how it works
For too long these companies have been given licence to behave as they please by this Government.
"Time doesn't stand still and people won't be around forever."
I reckon the best funerals are the kind of event that the absent guest would have loved to have been there
President Macron was caught on camera giving a lesson in respect and history to a young person as he greeted crowds yesterday.
I realise I can't change the homeless crisis but I can play a small part in helping a young person at their time of need