17/07/2014 07:46 BST | Updated 15/09/2014 06:59 BST

I Deserve to Have an Ice Cream

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely hate the weather being hot hot hot! Can't stand the heat. No I really can't. Why I have a convertible I don't know because I never have the roof down long enough to make the most of the sunshine! In fact my personal unspoken rule is that my roof is never down when the temperature is anything above 24degrees (thankfully, my dashboard never fails to inform me).

We had highs of 32degrees in London today! Whaaaaaa!!! I nearly died, although I don;t know if I would have made Heaven! I literally felt like life had been taken out of me! I was so lethargic. I literally couldn't function.

To make things worse, today was my "office day" - the day in the week I set aside to catch up on things I haven't been able to in the week! Eeeek! It was so hot I almost tore my weave off my head!!

Then all I could think of was Ice cream!! I haven't craved ice cream in a while but I just couldn't get my mind off it. I needed some and so I did what I always do - text Gemma, my health and fitness bud to say - 'Help, save me from myself!' Gemma tried her best and it worked for a few hours but my craving suddenly became a NEED. I needed some ice cream and so I drank cold water and walked around to get my mind off it but unfortunately - I needed ice cream.

So what did I do? I GOT SOME!! Life is too short to worry about just how many calories you will be consuming from one ice cream! And just to prove to myself that I meant it, I had yet another Magnum! Yummy!!!!

In order to give myself a clear mind tomorrow, I decided to go to the gym and do a 'Boxfit' class!!!! Gosh the class teacher Gary is literally a ball of energy. He's quite petite but all muscle. There were about 50 people in the class - 49 women and literally 1 (other) man. Gary is like a newly charged Duracell battery. He literally pounces all around the room like he could go on forever.

Luckily I was in one of my work out moods (doesn't happen very often). I can honestly say I gave the first 45mins my all. I danced, punched, kicked and laughed my way through but bwoy oh bwoy the last 15minutes couldn't have been more of a drag even if it tried! Nonetheless, I gave it EVERYTHING I had and that was that!

Now home, putting my feet up! #Win #JoyDeVivre #CarpeDiem


xo xo