01/09/2014 10:28 BST | Updated 01/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Jog on Katie Hopkins

Television has hit an all time low today with a short interview which had me shaking with rage and yes it involved that vile woman Katie Hopkins.

As an opinionated, loud mouthed woman myself it was only a matter of time before the two of us clashed, I am just surprised I managed to keep my mouth shut for so long. We all know how completely outrageous she is in her opinion, using provocation as a way of getting herself in the media spotlight, but until now I have just laughed at her attention grabbing ways and switched channels whenever she has been on spouting her drivel.

But no more Katie.

When I first heard about her new show "To Fat and Back" I knew I would no longer be able to keep my mouth shut, if nothing else my followers would be expecting a response. The issue of obesity and the fatshaming that comes with most medias discussion on the topic means I have to voice my opinion to help get a balanced voice on the issue.

The show which is due to air in January on TLC will follow her journey of close to 4 stone weight gain back to her normal size, if she ever gets there that is. She says she started this project to cut through the excuses us fat people use for not losing weight, and to show just how easy it is. So for 3 months she ate 6500 calories a day, taking her 8 stone body up to 12 stone to what Holly Willoughby outrageously described as a "Supersized Body"

Now I know that ITVs This Morning show get people like Katie Hopkins on the show for ratings and to create debate that splits the nation, but they have gone too far this time, giving the drama queen almost no journalistic grilling on the sofa and very little discussion on the wider issues, it was all about her with Ms Hopkins sat there giving a BAFTA winning performance of someone about to keel over and die due to their weight.

Let me tell you something. After personally putting on over 4 stone to an already overweight body I could still sit on a couch in a fitted dress without having to clutch my back, or gasp for air and it was funny how the heavy breathing stopped as Katie got to talk more and more about herself. "My lungs have no space left anymore" she said, shame the weight gain hasn't affected her ability to talk.

In a VT showing Katie at home with no make up, red faced, eating shortbread in a hole of self pity she snivelled into the camera with a swell of crocodile tears and the awe inspiring statement of "I hate FAT people for making me do this"

Nobody made you do this you stupid self obbssessed excuse for a women, the only person responsible for their weight gain is themselves...even I can admit that. You overate perpousfully for no other reason that no prove a point, how irresponsible and what a great example to your daughters.

I can't speak on behalf of fat people because I am only one of them, but in my own current state of fatness I can tell you this, I am fully aware of the excuses we sometimes use and I am actually an advocate of dropping the excuses too, but not in terms of weightloss or overeating but rather in terms of living a happier more healthier life where food isn't the enemy, and allowing fat people who chose to remain fat to be allowed to do so.

This programme which hasn't even aired yet but I can pretty much predict that it is not going to educate or shame us Fatties into losing weight, instead all it is going to do is add to Katies bank balance and reinforce the popular belief that fat people are lazy and stupid.

Surprisingly I am not particularly upset with Katie Hopkins, I feel nothing for that woman. She has built a successful career out of being ridiculously rude and obnoxious and will continue to do so while she can. I guess she has the balls to voice the views that some people in this country have, bullies who think they have the answer to everything yet have no thought for the damage it might do.

I am most upset with the producers at ITV and all the other media agencies that give this woman a platform. Her views are not balanced and she is not an expert so the show is unlikely to do anything to tackle the so called war on obesity, or the issue I prefer to discuss that of inactivity in adult women.

Katie and I do have one thing in common though, she says she is a runner. Great, I hope her TV show illustrates that running is a useful tool for wellbeing. Although she says she is obbsessive about her exercise through fear of getting FAT, I run for enjoyment and for the health benefits it gives to me.

I will be watching this programme as I do not believe boycotting it will do any good. I will be there commenting on social media and offering an alternative support system for women via my blog and website, feel free to join in the debate with my #jogonkatiehopkins hashtag.