16/10/2017 04:49 BST | Updated 16/10/2017 04:57 BST

We Cannot Afford To Not Talk About Diversity


According to June Sarpong, the British television presenter and broadcaster, "the world is separate enough," and by actually embracing those different to ourselves we can create a richer place - both economically and socially.

It is this thought that underpins June's new book, Diversify: Six degrees of integration. Within the book, June looks at six disadvantaged groups - men, women, older people, disabled people, LGBTQ people and the working class - and outlines how, on both policy level and individual level, we can increase diversity and encourage equality.

Here, in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK, she explains how her own prejudices led her to write the book, why we must all embrace "the other", and what she believes would happen if we did.

HuffPost UK has teamed up with television presenter, broadcaster and author June Sarpong, ahead of the launch of her book Diversify: Six degrees of integration, to highlight and champion the economic, social and moral benefits of diversity.

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