June Sarpong

As a dark skinned Black woman from a working class background, I have had the experience of being the anomaly, broadcaster June Sarpong writes.
A truly inclusive and diverse Britain, with equal opportunity, is a target - not just a talking point
diversify According to June Sarpong, the British television presenter and broadcaster, "the world is separate enough," and by actually embracing those different to ourselves we can create a richer life - both economically and socially.
'What I did was very offensive... but it's certainly not racist.'
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The prospect of the EU referendum campaign being dominated by high-minded debate got off to a troubled start as the BBC’s
Question Time audience members were left fidgeting after a man used discussion about the upcoming EU referendum to make an
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER June with her late brother Sam Speaking about how she wanted him to be remembered
Sam Sarpong, the brother of 'Loose Women’ star June, has died after falling from a bridge in America. A spokesman for the
As attention turns to the referendum on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU, the 'in' camp has decided who will help target their campaign at young voters. June Sarpong will attempt to get the message across to young people that the EU isn't so bad.