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How to Be Happy


We're all in this together, whatever the hell this is, we're all born into this crazy world the same; naked, with no teeth, helpless and without a clue. But we can't survive on pure instinct alone, we need help, we need help from the second we take our first breath. We're all capable of feeling pain and suffering, misery, heartbreak and sadness. From the minute we leave the womb and begin our mortality we need others to steer us safely through all of these perils. We are given this precious but fragile, unfathomable gift of life, and we need each other just so we can keep hold of it.

We can make each other happy. Don't you see? Do you see that all of this could end at any minute, a solar flare from the sun could wipe out our entire existence right now... Or even now... But look at that, it didn't. We're still here. The fact that this is finite is the very reason why it's so damn wonderful, the realisation that every moment that goes by is a moment we might not have had, a new moment that we can utilise to find enjoyment, find happiness, find fulfilment. Find love. rewards we couldn't find and wouldn't even be looking for if our time on this earth was endless. If we weren't hurtling towards our deaths, if we weren't just a little bit scared by this harrowing foregone conclusion that we're all going to die, we wouldn't be able to find love, because we won't need the comfort of being loved. If we lived forever we wouldn't need each other, we wouldn't embrace, we wouldn't be kind, we wouldn't be supportive, we wouldn't need any of this, we would just be. A life without fear is a life without love and that to me would just be existing without ever living. If we lived forever we'd never feel the true beauty of what it is to be alive.

Take a look at the person next to you, how can you not love that person, what an absolute miracle that person is, every part of them, each one of the 11trillion particles that have assembled to create them, particles that on their own would be nothing more than cosmic dust have assembled obligingly to create that person, a person with hopes and ambitions, insecurities and fears a person that has acquired a collection of stuff to assist them on their journey. That person is uniquely individual, but in the same breath that person is exactly the same as you, whether they are black, white, brown, male, female, gay, straight... They are like you, a complex and sentient consciousness expressing their emotions in the body they were born in.

Just like them you are unquestionably astonishing. Have you ever spared a thought towards what it must have taken for you to even be here? The unthinkable fortune involved for your ancestors to have survived long enough to reach the age of reproduction, in a world a lot more savage than the one we live in now. Then chance upon finding the exact mate they did, then to breed at the precise moment in time so that the only line of DNA that could possibly result in becoming you found its way to fertility. Then for this to happen over and over and over again for almost 4 billion years.

Take a look at yourself. You're the closest thing to impossible you can possibly get. So to believe anything is impossible is to not believe in yourself.

This life is yours for the taking, you can be whoever you want to be, it would be a travesty to not take this opportunity to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and use your existence to spread joy to everyone around you, we can't do this alone, let's unite and drive each other to greatness, drive each other to happiness. See your self as one part of a bigger organism, that organism is humanity, so the happiness you bring others is happiness you have brought to humanity itself and therefor it is your happiness.

So in short, the answer, of how to be happy... just don't be a cunt!

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