04/09/2013 07:03 BST | Updated 02/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Open Letter to David Cameron (Part 2)

Dear Dave,

I wonder if you got the chance to read my last letter, although it now seems clear it would have made no difference. Now that you have lost the vote in parliament, I thought it might be prudent for me to advance further words of advice on how to move forward.

First things first, can you please let the electorate understand once and for all that there is no morality in foreign policy. Yes, it is human nature to want to gravitate towards the light, but all foreign policy is guided by national interests. As leader, it will make a great deal of difference if you could admit we do not attack countries out of the goodness of our heart, but out of the necessity of our interests. This way, the ordinary man or woman on the streets will not see our governments as been populated by angels.

Next, even though he is a Tory darling (mainly due to that speech a few generations ago), I believe it is the right time to move William Hague on. Yes, he is one of your closest allies and yes, you will alienate a few right-wingers in your party (bloody rebels, all of them!), but the truth is Mr Hague will be better suited to the Home Office portfolio. A Foreign Secretary is really a PM in waiting and they are the individual who travels around the world to represent our government, consequently, gravitas and a poker-face are requisite traits. Don't think I need say more on that one.

Next, now that she will no longer have a job, you can move Theresa May to Health....let's be frank, if Jeremy Hunt can do the job, then so can Madame May. The worst that can happen is the odd scandal and mismanagement here and there.....Theresa is the queen of missteps, so she should fit right in. Besides, she is going to betray you anyway, as the Tory leadership tussle hots up. Better you push her down the ladder now, than have to ask Et Tu Theresa, down the line. Don't let the leopard-print shoes fool you.

Okay, let's get to the nitty gritty....Syria. Granted you were so stubborn in your determination in getting the issue to the Commons, but surely, even a Bullingdon boy like you must understand how to win votes. It is not done by being nice and asking MPs politely to report to the chamber, rather it is conducted in the most vicious and spine-chilling manner. You require Whips from the Walter Harrison and Bernard "Jack" Weatherill school, who are prepared to scare their fellow colleagues with career-threatening phone calls and still invite them to breakfast the next morning, once the vote is won.

Instead of that, all you have now is what is slowly becoming a lame-duck scenario. Ed Miliband, a man who is clearly inferior to you in terms of communication, has somehow managed to steal your thunder and gavalnise his troops. What is more, people on the street now look at your job and see him as an adequate replacement. Yes, he is a back-stabbing, ruthless bugger, but as far as most of us watching from the sidelines are concerned, this is an apt description for all of you who work in the building with the world's most famous clock. The earlier you realise this and hit Ed where it hurts...the better.

Whilst attempting to decapitate Mr Miliband, please do not be distracted by all this nonsense about France taking our place in the special relationship with America. Apart from the Statue of Liberty thing, the Americans are never going to gel with the French. The true essence of a special relationship is the similarity of thought and just because we think alike, doesn't mean we are not going to disagree sometimes....after all what purpose does a special bond serve, if we can't have the odd moment of divergence? It happened over Vietnam and things didn't fall apart.

Still on the US, in truth, I wish you had waited for Obama to play his hand before you showed your cards. If you consider the fact he is by far the superior politician and communicator, it would have been shrewd to see how he handled the matter. Now, on the back of your defeat, he has used you to move his case forward, knotting Congress' legs and waiting to see a fallout that would not only support his policy, but also improve his imploding ratings. Pay attention Dave....see how players play.

My advice is this....bide your time, wait for further evidence to emerge and then re-call a vote. To effectively do this, try to ensure the likes of Nick Clegg and William Hague are completely muzzled. As for you, remember there is no shame in's whether you get up and shake off the dirt that matters. Remount the horse, present new facts, win the vote and gallop away in glory.

As a Political science graduate, I was going to delve into giving you loads of guidance and recommend reading the "Art of War" and "Vom Kriege," but you can imagine my shock when I found out you bagged a 1st in PPE from Oxford no Well, it may be time to dust off your Uni books and get back to basics, otherwise, it may surprise you that your BC and Oxford senior, Boris, could utilise his Classics degree to the full extent of political treachery.

In conclusion, I heard a wicked rumour about the UK government (under your stewardship). Some 'recalcitrant' red-top( has been saying we sold chemical weapon ingredients to Syria in 2010! Personally, I have to refused to believe such evil chit-chat, as I cannot fathom how we could have sold Assad such chemicals and now want to stand in judgement over him today.

Come on Dave, say it ain't so....


Kanmi Iyanda

P.S - You have to do something about your 'New World Order' advisers. They make you look arrogant, distant and not living in reality. Come on Dave...tick...tock...tick...tock.