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The Road Back to Who You Are: My Weekend at London's Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

Back to simplicity is the key. Slowly you will begin to feel what brings you joy and what is bringing your truth to yourself. It's very important to go back to the feeling of being true to yourself. That's what I call the spiritual path: the road back to who you are.
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This weekend I have a stand at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London's Earl's Court. I will be signing my book, The Voice of The Angel and promoting my album, Come With Me. Taking this huge step forward in my life has caused me to pause and reflect: how did I get here?

When I made the decision to leave my job on the Paris stock exchange, everyone thought I was mad.

I knew my decision was crazy, but right. I was feeling a strange anxiety that could not agree with the so-called successful career I was experiencing. I had vertigo, as if I was standing on a cliff in front of a huge void. I had to understand. I had to stop it all. I knew, this was happening for a reason.

We all attract experiences which show us our need to break out of the hamster wheel we create for ourselves in life and go round and round on. Our conscious mind builds up walls in our lives with the bricks of our fears and limits us to a range of actions that form our comfort zone. Each time we experience something new, our whole energetic body is receiving the new information and energy of the experience. If we are closed to it or feel vulnerable, we refuse the transformation in us, we block the fluidity of the energy in us, we go straight back to our inner child where we have stuck so many fears and protections and seek to protect ourselves.

In this mode we cannot grow. We create blockages in ourselves, emotionally, and then it manifests in us physically. If we find the courage to take steps to meet the experience and embrace it, we find strength. Power comes into our lives and we start to connect with who we truly are and we grow as human beings.

The conscious mind confines you to live life in this secluded ranch of activity but the soul is going to shout or cry or whatever, because it knows that you have built up limits around yourself that impede the expression of who you are.

So as long as you don't see this and you continue to live within your limits, the energy of your soul is going to be unable to express its true nature, so it is going to create some disruption in your energy field.

Your soul wants to talk to you, so it will show signs. It will start talking to you with small signs and then those will be bigger as you don't get it. When something seemingly accidental happens in your life, think about it, try and figure out what it's telling you. It might be something physical, like a headache, or something you see, an accident maybe. Whatever it is, unless you spend time with it and decide to look at it, it will always come back.

The soul sends you also lots of positive symbols to express you are living in harmony, thank God! A headache, OK, resolve the pain, but also explore its reasons, its symbolism. A car accident. A strange phone call. A surprise from life... good or bad. Explore the reason behind the manifestation.

The energy body that you are feeds all your cells information about what's going on in your life on an energetic level. That information is going to transform your cells. If the information isn't good, if you block the flow of energy or if you allow negative energy in you, your body will show it. There are wonderful books about the symbolism of any health imbalance in any part of the body. That brings me to Chinese medicine. It's fascinating how it takes into account how energy is flowing in the meridians. Ayurvedic medicine does the same.

Western medicine, also impressive in its knowledge, looks at the mechanics but does not look at the physical being part of a bigger whole.

But how can I connect with my deeper self to find out what it's trying to tell me?

The major thing is to allow yourself to have moments of calm and peace in order to feel who you are. Finding peaceful time to center yourself, to reconnect with yourself truly, to meditate. Build it into your life. If you can start to take half an hour a day to stop your life and centre yourself, to start to feel the calm in your life and to feel who you are, you will create calm in everything around you.

Back to simplicity is the key. Slowly you will begin to feel what brings you joy and what is bringing your truth to yourself. It's very important to go back to the feeling of being true to yourself. That's what I call the spiritual path: the road back to who you are. Following it, you become able to connect to who you are and realise how much you create life around you in a way that limits yourself. It takes a lot of will not to always repeat the denial of your true self in your life.

In your life as a human being you absolutely need the taste of what brings you joy, of what creates your inspiration, your creativity.

Creativity is the pure language of your soul. It could be in any field. Get into the habit of meditation and you will start on the road to finding your own unique creativity... It's a quest for all of us. It has to be. So embrace obstacles in your path, the lessons in them are there to help you.

How did I get here? By taking the time to find the road back to who I am...

Karen Ruimy is co-founder of the GREAT initiative (Gender Rights & Equality Action Trust) Her new album Come With Me is out on May 28 available for download from iTunes Karen is appearing at Mind Body Spirit at Earls Court 24-27 May.

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