29/10/2012 12:48 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Try a Dance With 'Delilah': Emerging Icons Star Annaca Collaborates With Stereophonics Producer on New Sexy Track

We can always trust Annaca to deliver a bit of drama and sass. When she took to the stage in the Olympic Park this summer, it was near impossible to take your eyes off her.

She almost melts into her own music, living and breathing each word and note like a one-woman theatre company. It's really quite incredible what this lady can do.'Emerging Icons In The Park' album track 'Delilah' does 'drama' and then some. The story of a right saucepot, it sounds rather like what Sir Cliff was trying to get at with 'Devil Woman', but we're inclined to think that Annaca's is not only classier, but she also knows more about being a sexy lady than he does.

The beat adds a level of suspense, whilst the deep, rich lead and backing vocals lead a sense of mystery and atmosphere. It's the sort of glorious experience that shoots tingles down your spine... probably much like this 'Delilah' character herself. As vibrant and seductive as its namesake, this track will never leave you.

Our guest reviewers were equally impressed with her performance too- have a look to see what they said about it:

All of us lot can have a go at guessing the story that lies beneath Delilah's glamorous veneer... but maybe we should ask Annaca about it all. Let's see what she has to say:

-What was the inspiration behind the track and what is the song about?

When Jim Lowe and I wrote the track we created a real vibe before adding lyrics and melodies to the song. The composition we made sounded very mysterious and shadowy, so I wanted the lyrics and melody to emphasise these characteristics. The song is about a dangerous temptress, the lyrics are playing with the idea of the biblical femme fatale called Delilah. It's a song about a woman who is like Delilah; every man or woman's downfall, seductive, manipulative and elusive.

-Who recorded the track for you- if a producer who else have they worked with?

Jim Lowe recorded the track for me. He has worked with lots of different credible artists, most renowned for producing Stereophonics albums.

-What comes to mind when you hear the song played back?

Imagery comes to mind; when I write a song I can always see a colourfully painted story, which I'm hoping 'Delilah' tells too. When I listen to this track I always visualise a desert like landscape, dry and desolate. I see a womanly figure in a bold red dress dancing closely, sensually and evocatively with another figure, whether it's a man or a woman.

-What does your song bring to the Emerging Icons album?

'Delilah' brings temptation and enticement to the album- the fun of being human and so being attracted to mystery, unwilling to accept that it may become your downfall.

With renowned producer Jim Lowe also bringing a lot to this fantastic contribution on 'Emerging Icons In The Park', we thought we should ask him a few questions about the track too. From the sound of things he has a few stories to tell...

What are Stereophonics like to work with?

They are fun to work with, we work hard, but also enjoy the process of such a great job.We have a good communication and chemistry. Plus when people have great voices- whether its Kelly Jones or Annaca- it makes it a lot easier.

What have been your biggest hit to date?

Production wise, No.1 Single 'Dakota' Stereophonics, and 3 No.1 Albums.

How do you know when you have written a hit?

I'm not sure as I haven't written one yet.(Ha!) It would of course be great if "Delilah' was a hit. It's in the lap of the gods! However I think you just know the songs that stand above others, one can only hope it's a hit!

Which track are you proudest of?

A new Stereophonics song I've co-written and produced called 'Violins And Tamborines' from the forthcoming album. And of course I am proud of 'Dakota', as getting a No.1 single is a very special moment.

How did you come to discover Annaca?

I had a song that I'd written and I was looking for a female singer , so I played the track to a friend of mine and he said he knew this girl called Annaca- I checked her out on YouTube and I was immediately impressed with her great voice. We started working together and the chemistry was there, and within a few weeks 'Delilah' was created!

How does it feel being able to work with such a talented unsigned act who is no doubt going to be a big star in the very near future?

It feels great to be working with someone who has such a great Talent and I of course would love to see Annaca turn into the deserved star she could be! I believe in what she does and I think people of the world need to hear her!

What one thing about 'Delilah' are you most pleased with?

When a song can let you escape and dream, you've done the job properly. 'Delilah' does that perfectly.

What advice or tips would you offer to emerging songwriters?

Keep writing, keep structures, don't give up! Have something to say or a story to tell.

How does it feel to have the track attached to an official soundtrack for the London 2012 Olympic Park?

Yeah, it feels great, it's exciting to be part it, and of course I'm very proud of having the song on the album.

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