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You Need To Hear This Featuring Emerging Icons The Nankeens, The Klang, Colt 45, Crystal Head and Diggz McLeod

Over at Emerging Icons we have a ridiculous amount of new talent just waiting to be discovered, so every week we like to throw a few tunes in your direction to help you along your way.

Over at Emerging Icons we have a ridiculous amount of new talent just waiting to be discovered, so every week we like to throw a few tunes in your direction to help you along your way.

This edition should grab the attention of anyone who likes their music big and loud because it just so happens that all of the artists we've got into this week have rocked the hell out of us. Stoner rock, indie rock, punk rock, rap rock... there's a little bit of each to see you on your way. If you like the sound of the artists we've mentioned, how about you visit their Emerging Icons page and let them know? All you have to do is log in and click on the speech bubble next to your favourite tracks and you'll be able to leave them some love. They'll definitely appreciate it...

So are you ready to go? Here are this week's top artists and the tunes you really NEED to hear...

Not only is this one a track you need to hear, but your really NEED to watch it too. The newly self-made stop-motion video from indie band The Nankeens is amazing viewing (as well as making them potentially the most patient band on the whole of Emerging Icons). The mind boggles over how much time must have gone into its production...but the end result makes it definitely worth it. Providing the perfect soundtrack to The Nankeens as they rock, skip and levitate before our very eyes, 'I'm Not Playing' is a gorgeously stylised number from the Salford lads. Twanging guitars meet angular riffing and a Glasvegas-like vocal in hypnotically melodic fashion.

The North-West's where it's at this week as we got stuck into this refreshing rock number from Wigan's finest. One of two new tracks from our buds The Klang, they're taking a more gentle approach in the quietly powerful progression of 'Naïve' and we're liking it a lot. Masters of penning an anthem for their ferociously loyal fan base, this one builds to a euphoric climax with every chorus, riding on the back of some very tasty riffs. Channelling the spirit of indie rock that so defines the musical history in and around Manchester, The Klang have packaged the feel of the classics up to sound shiny and new... as well as very easy on the ears. As our Emerging Icons Chart Show hosts at Tequila pointed out a few weeks ago, they're easily 'The best thing to come out of Wigan since Wigan Rugby League'.

Still staying up North, we've now got the band who are the best thing to have come out of Cumbria since Kendal Mint Cake. Our fave punk rock trio Colt 45 have just returned to their homeland after a manic tour of the UK with superhot alt mag Big Cheese- and it looks like they had an awesome time. As part of the 'Big Cheese Presents...' line-up alongside Electric River and The Hostiles, it's just another confirmation that these lads are on their way to huge things. 'Happiness Is A Dying Art' is the latest track to be lifted from their hugely applauded debut EP, 'Inside The Triangle', and the video is just basically a glimpse into what happens when you let three blokes loose with a tour van and a shitload of new music fans. Fans of The Gaslight Anthem really need to check this out.

Crystal Head- True To Say

Having found success hitting #2 in the Emerging Icons Chart Show a couple of weeks back and being shortlisted for Absolute Radio airplay the week before, we thought we'd better make sure that you had become fully aware of Crystal Head's presence here. Rallying quite an army of superfans to their profile in the short time they've been with us, there's some really impressive support backing this three-piece and it's not hard to see why. First of all, they clearly know their stuff. Aside from being arrestingly able musicians, the influences that flavour their sound hark from the extremely impressive record collection they must have stashed at home. A crunching union between the classic retro of 60s Brit legends like The Rolling Stones and the staunchly colossal weight of Smashing Pumpkins' stoner rock; it's heavy, consuming, atmospheric... and gets two huge thumbs up from us.

It may come as no surprise that Brooklyn-based musical genius Diggz McLeod idolises the legend of Jimi Hendrix just a bit. There's videos of the dude playing his guitar behind his head and with his teeth on his YouTube channel...admittedly not both at the same time. But there's actually a few more influences becoming more obvious in the groove of 'What You Gonna Do' and they go a long way back for him. His take on rock music is inspired by his deep love of Bob Marley's music and philosophy that he's had since childhood... underlined by a tougher edge that comes from growing up on the rough streets of NYC. His reggae and rap infused style has drawn comparisons to the likes of Wyclef Jean before- but with that incredible talent with his guitar, it also brings to mind any number of classic rock maestros. It's amazing to watch- and we reckon fans of Rage Against The Machine should probably give this anthem a little go too...

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