'Roan Ash stops you in your tracks when you hear him sing. His voice grabs your attention from the very first note.'
Jonas Mosa Gwangwa can command instant warmth and recognition on stage, singing or playing the trombone.
Musician Ntando Bangani states that Nova is okay after the frightening ordeal
If your music is being made to fit what you think is acceptable to a radio station and not because you think it’s great, your music is more likely to suck.
I first wrote about Josh Savage in October 2013. A gifted musician and vocalist, Josh has a great musical pedigree, having
Doctors have warned musicians who play wind instruments that they could be susceptible to a potentially fatal lung condition
Moving back to Tehran, he gathered his friends together and formed the band Radio Tehran, eventually releasing the album
When the band I was in was gathering interest from the music industry in the mid 1970s, we weren't having to compete with Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, The Hollies, The Tremolos, the Four Pennies, Heinz, Wayne Fontana, Amen Corner and all those other great bands from the 1960s, because they had either moved on to other careers or had jumped to the cabaret circuit.
The music industry has always been considered one of the most challenging industries find success in. There's competition like none other, with every artist believing they're either the 'next big thing' or 'yeezus'.