04/10/2012 08:58 BST | Updated 03/12/2012 05:12 GMT

The Brand New Emerging Icons Album Goes On Pre-Sale TODAY!

'Emerging Icons In The Park' brings the magic and music of London 2012 to your iTunes...

The Union Jacks are down, the venues are gathering dust, and mascots Wenlock and Mandeville have joined the dole queue.

Yes, London 2012 is for many, just a long and distant memory of a fantastic story the world will never forget. We miss the Games as much as anybody else; the longing pang to be reunited with our shark-like stage striking often- but it's okay. It escaped 'Free Willy'-style and now lives in the ocean deep. (Maybe.)

And what about our Emerging Icons artists? Well, thanks to all of you fans hitting that star button to 'like' their profiles, they had the summer of their careers. By showing your support in a simple click, you secured them their slots at the Games. They definitely owe you a drink... performing in front of such a large, global audience is a dream for any musician- but at the most talked-about event in the world? Nothing can top that. Or maybe something can...

To keep those magical moments of London 2012 alive, we're absolutely delighted to announce that we've put together an album of some of the incredible Emerging Icons musicians to take to that prolific stage. It's ready for pre-order on iTunes right now so get this link clicked on and shared with everyone you know- stat! If you were blown away by our acts at the Olympics or Paralympics this Summer, this will be the news you've been waiting for. And if you couldn't make it? Then 'Emerging Icons In The Park' will surely make up for the experience you missed.

Featuring twenty-two tracks and a brilliantly eclectic mix of artists, 'Emerging Icons In The Park' has already got the nod from some noteworthy figures. Our Emerging Icons' songs were sampled and championed by established artists Mika and Daniel Powter, living Kinks legend Dave Davies and even Olympic wonderboy Louis Smith. They all loved their music, and now it's your turn.

This is your chance to show support for real talent and new music. By buying the album, you'll be aiding the UK's thriving underground scene- where the best in fresh, unique artists are looking for that break to let their songwriting reach the masses. You helped to curate this, as this album has come about as a result of the public voting and telling us what kind of music you enjoy. It's been verified by the support of the audience at the most iconic event of 2012 in the world, and by the iconic artists. Rather refreshingly, it has not come about as a result of a panel of judges on a TV talent show... which is cause to celebrate all on its own.

This is all 100% 'organically fed', original, stunning music from the heart of the artists - no karaoke! Be the first to have these artists on your iTunes because some of these acts will be big stars of tomorrow ... and you could have had a hand in helping them to become that.

You can pre-order 'Emerging Icons In The Park' on iTunes RIGHT NOW! Click here to get yours and to find out the identity of the tremendous twenty-two to make it. Make sure you share the link anywhere you can. Support emerging talent, support Emerging Icons and LOVE NEW MUSIC.