01/11/2012 07:47 GMT | Updated 31/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Nov 5th-Nov 11th 2012

It's time for us to once again top up that gig diary of yours with long, splendid nights of musical brilliance and tasty tunes. When you see something you like the look of, make sure you follow the links to access each artist's listings on their Emerging Icons profile and click 'YES'! You're going to be down the front sweating your face off.

Whilst you're on their page, why not have a listen to some of their tunes and give them some feedback? They'll definitely appreciate it. But for now, here are this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live... coming to a town near you very soon!

Wednesday 7th November

The TWB at The Shed: Leicester

The TWB are The Tom Wright Band, not 'The Tuh-Wubb' as fans of phonetics may lead you to believe. The Northampton five-piece take their quest for an innovative new sound to the mighty climbs of The Shed in Leicester on the 7th. It's the legitimate venue, rather than the wooden shack in some old boy's back garden- so you can consider yourself in for an evening of beers, jangly guitar and good vibes from the local indie rock community. Support developing acts like this by coming on down and checking out the show - Corrie can wait for one evening, surely to God.

Friday 9th November

Shifty Chicken Shed at The Greystones: Sheffield

Are you familiar with a band called Gong? One of our team attended a gig of theirs once and it was the trippiest experiences of her life; grey-haired fifty year olds off their tits as far as the eye could see as the late sixties were revived in one of the most intense live experiences she'd ever had. While we can't say that Shifty Chicken Shed's show will be EXACTLY the same as that, we can say that their music bears a lot of likenesses to the psychedelic mind-shag of that aforementioned band. It's expansive, organic, daring stuff... but it really works. Influences of jazz add a new dimension to the mix too as rich sounds of brass and creative approaches to lyricism meld and continue to challenge you with something entirely new. Go with an open mind and prepare to be swept along on a kaleidoscopic wave of wonder.

Friday 9th November

Burnt Tomorrow at Sub89: Reading

They shared a listing with Sound Of The Sirens a couple of weeks ago, so we've decided that today is the day that Burnt Tomorrow should get the solo recognition they deserve. Taking the glory all for themselves, they're heading to Reading for a date at Sub89 next week. Showcasing snippets from hard rock, folk and a lil' something new, Burnt Tomorrow cocoon their audiences in warm vibes and rich melody. They really are one of those bands that come to life when they're up on stage with a few ears to play to. You're going to have to go along to see them now, aren't you.

Friday 9th November

The Strangers at Rattlesnake of Angel: Islington, London

Londoners, while you may not have as many gig options from us this week, we've certainly got a cracker for you. The Strangers are a really intriguing proposition, and you should definitely get talking to them- despite what your mum always said. A sprawling collective of fine talent, you should consider this the A Team of the unsigned music world. MC Covo takes the reigns with some top-class speed lyrics that contrast beautifully with the smooth sound of Emerging Icons star Robert Bowers. When you then throw in the technical talents and infectious beats of bassist Craig Taylor, drummer Andy Burt and keys player Daisy Conquest, we have a rather moreish blend to nibble on. A love of rock and mod-friendly indie meets rap in a delicious cockney morsel of BANGING tunes. This is your Friday night well and truly sorted.

Sunday 11th November

By Devices at The Old Bar, Leeds University Union: Leeds

Bringing ballsy indie rock to a city that produced Kaiser Chiefs, The Sunshine Underground and The Pigeon Detectives is a quite a brave move, but we're confident that By Devices are primed to impress. Being clear fans of melodic superpower, they create an atmosphere that's fit for dancing before dropping the weight of some really tasty guitar work to get the extremities tingling. There's a sense of presence and urgency to their sound which we reckon is going to make for a particularly lively show... so why don't you head along and prove us right?

Make sure you're back here next week to get the next Top Five Emerging Icons Live and you'll never have to go without a good gig again...