Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 12-18 November 2012

11/11/2012 11:22 GMT | Updated 09/01/2013 10:12 GMT

You want some gigs? Well, we've got 'em! Come this way for five fantastic tips for you and your Emerging Icons personal calendar to enjoy. Follow the links to find the listings and make sure you click 'YES'! That you plan to attend and the band can expect to see you there!

Here's the top picks for the best in live music for the week ahead- go out, have fun and enjoy!

Thursday 15th November

Jon Hart at The Regal Room: Hammersmith, London

Just as we've come to discover the awesome cosmic power of Jon Hart's tunes, he just so happens to be playing a date in a jewel of the acoustic scene's crown- The Regal Room. That's worked out tremendously well, hasn't it? Showcasing latest EP 'Defuse', he will be demonstrating his abilities as a guitarist in a predominantly instrumental show. However, Emerging Icons would happily be down at the front squealing like excited piglets as soon as 'Stormy Weather Rolls'- if it weren't for the fact it'd probably destroy our rep as well as the whole damn atmosphere of the gig. Being the intriguing and insightful musician he is, we're convinced that the Opinaut frontman's solo show is going to be a performance that's as gorgeous and captivating as it is impressive.

Thursday 15th November

Alice Amelia at The Cornershop: Shoreditch, London

Our Golden Girl from London 2012 will be re-visiting the acoustic vibe she rocked at the Games with a performance at The Cornershop in Shoreditch. Being a trendy bar rather than the local convenience stop for catfood and emergency chocolate; the Brighton lass is sure to provide a night of stellar entertainment for all those with a cocktail in hand. Irrespective of genre, Alice has one hell of a voice to share- rich, characterful and more than a little sexy. She's a classically trained pianist with tastes that flit between different styles as far flung as drum n' bass and jazz- but the one resounding aspect that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the sumptuous sizzle of her soul. It's not hard to throw comparisons to Adele and Emeli Sande her way, so with that in mind, you can expect a fantastic night.

Friday 16th November

Fragile Creatures at The Cavendish Arms: Stockwell, London

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your drinks aloft to toast the triumphant return of Fragile Creatures to the capital. (We're a little emotional.) Being Brightonian beasts of alt-pop they're bringing a bagful of belting tunes, gorgeous melodies and sunny vibes to your Friday night. As we all know, those kinds of evenings aren't always that easy to find in the heart of London town, so this really is one to savour. Having won national airplay with Absolute Radio and Emerging Icons only a month and a half ago, we're still definitely in the Honeymoon period with this lot- especially after we creased up laughing at keys player Aaron's mortal fear of geese in this interview. (We can only apologise if hordes of fans turn up dressed as those feathered fiends.)

Saturday 17th November

Familiar Creatures at The Victoria: Dalston, London

No, you did read that correctly- Familiar Creatures are a completely different breed that happen to be playing in London just a day after the Fragile ones. We raised our eyebrows at this bizarre twist of coincidence too. However, this lot are kinda different from the other ones. They're more about brass-based batterings of folky goodness- although, rather strangely, their drummer is scared of crows. (Once again, we can only apologise if hordes of fans dress up as those feathered fiends.) If speedy tempo, danceable indie-isms and a sense of an all-out party wasn't exactly what you were looking for, perhaps the rustic charms of their Irish frontman will do the trick. Championed by BBC 6 Music and championed by us- we think you've got more than enough reason to check this gig out now.

Saturday 17th November

Pale Fires at The Hunter Club: Bury St Edmunds

Just when you thought we were never going to leave London this week, we whip you off to Bury St. Edmunds for a night out with Pale Fires. We reckon that gig aside, this lot would be good pretty good drinking buddies anyway- four lads with a penchant for all things Britpop are always good value, although their stylish edge might mean that they fret about kebab spilling down their vintage shirt as you head on home. The Camden-based band are trundling out for a night out of the capital, bringing their rugged brand of grooving guitar and a touch of psychedelia with them. With tones of Kasabian, Oasis and The Verve in their sound, this is a night of cool beats and great times just waiting to happen.

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