Shortly after another alert was sounded at the US Embassy in Grovesnor Square. Streets were closed and workers in nearby
Pictures circulating online of the incident show emergency services at the scene, with bystanders near the police cordon
'The deodorant can might look small but left next to a naked flame it can be deadly.'
A young entrepreneur has had a novel idea to help him grab the attention of recruiters in his quest for a new job. Carl Casis
Urine-repelling paint that "bounces back" the liquid is being tried in two east London "wetspots" to stop party goers from
Imagine something good and properly British making the London street food rounds that's not so much newfangled - and definitely not contrived - but traditional and comforting and prepared with thoughtfully sourced product and served with a friendly smile.
I've known Bel Shapiro - founding owner of The Bell & Brisket - for a number of years and all the while I've stayed a fan of her "seriously pimped up salt beef bagels" made with hand brined beef.