05/08/2013 14:03 BST | Updated 05/10/2013 06:12 BST

Emerging Icons Kymberley Kennedy, Saint Raymond, Alice Amelia, Black Lights and Martha's Man

This time we've got alternative RnB, feel-good acoustic, sexy soul, awesome alternative and perfect pop tunes to sort you right out.

Hello, new music fans! We know you've been waiting for some more top tips of tracks and tunes, so we've got another handful of brilliant Emerging Icons artists to bring to your attention. Get ready to hear the soundtrack to your week...

This time we've got alternative RnB, feel-good acoustic, sexy soul, awesome alternative and perfect pop tunes to sort you right out. Have a read of what we think about this incredible bunch then follow the links below to visit each of their Emerging Icons profiles. Once you're there, check out their tracks and hit the music note next to your fave tunes to get them added to your personal playlist in Emerging Icons Radio. It's that simple!

So, let's see who's got us all talking at Emerging Icons HQ this week. Here are the tunes you really NEED to hear...

Kymberley Kennedy - Blackout

Leeds-based singer-songwriter Kymberley Kennedy is a world-class act. Taking creative direction from a multitude of genres including pop, soul, electro and RnB, her sound is fresh, memorable and incredibly current in terms of the appeal it has. She's pretty much the complete package as well- her striking image, bold stage presence and talents in producing and mixing paving her way to success as much as the tunes. With debut EP 'The Blackout' due for release on August 18th, we took the opportunity to check out the title track and... damn, it's good. 'Blackout'- which has been selected to go on the soundtrack of Johnny Depp's missus Amber Heard's new film 'Syrup'- is a stunning tune. Creative and imaginative with it's looping harmonies and sultry crescendos, Kymberley is primed to follow the likes of Lulu James and AlunaGeorge as RnB continues its sexy overhaul.

Saint Raymond - Fall At Your Feet

Nottingham's brightest new talent will no doubt have figured on the must-see list of many throughout 2013's festival season. Saint Raymond, the solo project of teen genius Callum Burrows, produces what is the epitome of the most feel-good tunes you could wish to hear in a field. Songs like 'Fall At Your Feet' are made for dancing, no matter how tired, smelly, sunburnt or hungover you are- which is why this summer has seen him make the bill of Kendal Calling, the Secret Garden Party, Y Not, Reading and Leeds Festivals to name just a few. With a style that reminds us of fellow Emerging Icon Lewis Watson, we're certain that Saint Raymond is well on his way to something mind-blogglingly massive... so get yourself acquainted right now!

Alice Amelia - Deeper

From the Olympic Park to the festival stage and all places in between, we've had the utter pleasure of seeing Alice Amelia perform on a number of occasions. You know those voices that give you tingles in all kinds of places? She's got one of them. We'd go into detail about where these tingles go- but we don't want to sound uncouth. Well, just listen to how sexy it is. With this much soul, style and gutsy female attitude, it's hard not to fall under her spell. She kicks it with the impossibly cool confidence of Jessie J as she channels sultry jazz influences with a massive dollop of funk in the mix for good measure. Oh, and for those with a love for retro garage classics? Go check out her cover of Sweet Female Attitude's 'Flowers' in the music section of her Emerging Icons profile now. Winner.

Black Lights - Crossed The Line

A little birdie (slash-social-media-info) told us to "tell your friends to tell their friends Black Lights are coming..." Well, here we are doing just that... cos you know we love you guys pretty much more than our own Mothers. (Sorry, Mum- it's meant figuratively of course. Ahem.) The Manchester five-piece have been causing quite a ruckus on the North West's music scene, with their loyal army of fans coming out in force to pack out every single gig. With the strongly named Jamie McCool on frontman duty, Black Lights steer their alternative brand of indie rock away from the path of their Mancunian predecessors towards something much more soulful. With the raw edge to the vocals, the funk of the guitar sections and the power of their melodies, Black Lights are on the next level. There's a big sound coming your way... make sure you're ready for it.

Martha's Man - Lionheart

Martha's Man is back with a right tasty new single and it's one that you really do need to hear. To be fair, this tune would have also got mention even if this feature was called 'You Need To SEE This'- mainly cos there's a lion-headed man busking in this video, which is always worth a watch. And he looks like he's not even earned enough money for a brew... what's wrong with these people? Madness. If we stop being stupid and taking the visual representation 'Lionheart' so literally, what we're actually presented with is an anthem for all of our promising Emerging Icons out there. This whole music business thing is a game that requires the all the guts, passion and self-belief you can ruddy well muster- don't ever let the bastards grind you down. The strength of this message combined with the rustic tones of the Martha's Man brand of acoustic pop is just awesome- it's what got him chosen for some exclusive Emerging Icons airplay on Absolute Radio last weekend.

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