Top Emerging Icons Live: Our Best Gigs 1 Oct- 7 Oct 2012

You want some gigs to head to next week? Well just come here and listen to us then because we're about to reveal the gigs from our Emerging Icons that you just won't want to miss.

You want some gigs to head to next week? Well just come here and listen to us then because we're about to reveal the gigs from our Emerging Icons that you just won't want to miss.

When you've decided who you're going to see, click on the link to get to each artist's gig listing and hit 'YES' to let them know you'll be attending. It's never been more simple to get shows added to your gig calendar- see...?

So here are our top tips for live music from our Emerging Icons this week...

Wednesday 3 October

Do you remember that scene in 'Jumanji' where Robin Williams gets sent to a far away jungle and emerges some time later wild, flailing but armed with the skills his new habitat gave him? Well, Fjords may as well have had the same experience- but replace the jungle with decadent and glamorously sleazy 80s nightclubs. Jagged, bold electronica clashes dramatically with a rock n' roll sentimentality and a stylised, yet scuffed vocal to make quite a statement. With the Manics themselves putting faith into this Welsh fivesome by providing them with some studio time, we have no reason to doubt that they'll make quite an impression as they take to the stage that evening.

Friday 5 October

Having seen them be picked for national airplay on Absolute Radio this week, Fragile Creatures' gig at Bar Solo caught our eye pretty sharpish. Hearing them on the airwaves made a very tasty appertif to the stonking great banquet we can expect from a live show of theirs, so make sure you can make it. These guys are on a mission to remind us that pop melodies need not be sullied by the likes of the guff being churned out on reality tv shows. These alt-edged Brighton lads can wield a guitar and soothe all the pain inflicted by your One Directions and your Biebers as quick as a flash. Catchy tunes, gorgeous harmonies and very groovy grooves are all on the cards here.

Friday 5 October

We've already had the pleasure of seeing Thank Pablo perform live at London 2012 this summer- and we can't wait to see them again. If you can make it down to the Tram & Social for the evening then you're going to have a Friday night's worth of Facebook tagging consisting of you grinning like an absolute goon. The Thank Pablo tin simply reads 'music to make you smile'- and there will be no complaints to trading standards we can assure you. With vibrant, global flavours an upbeat view on life; it's the biggest intake of warmth you'll experience bar receiving an enema of pure sunshine. We promise it won't be anywhere near as uncomfortable as that.

Saturday 6 October

We all know that sometimes in life, a sudden, passionate bout of furious energy is the only way to ease frustration. This mildly crude-sounding philosophy actually bore the origins of rock n' rolling Bucks-based trio, Lupine Bell- three lads resigned to venting sadness and vexation as loudly as they can. They're coming to the capital to singe the city folk with their garage punk-inspired pop, travelling on a heavy cloud of unadulterated 'buzz'. Prancing around like a souped up Teenage Fanclub, their reputation for live performance is already developing a level of notoriety despite the band only being a year old. You don't want to miss that, do you?

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