Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Jan 14- Jan 20 2013

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Jan 14- Jan 20 2013

This job ain't always easy you know. Each week we have to find just five Emerging Icons gigs to tell you about- but there is just so much amazing live music going on from our artists, it can be very difficult to narrow down. However, after much deliberation, we think we've got an absolutely delightful little pick n' mix of new talent for you to peruse right here.

If you plan on going along to any of these shows, you can let the artists know by simply following the links and clicking 'YES', you're going to be there to support them! As soon as you do that your Emerging Icons gig calendar will be looking a lot healthier.

Just ask this guy...

The wait is finally over. It is with great gig-loving pleasure that we can reveal this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Wednesday 16th January

It's over ten years since 'Up The Bracket' was released... crazy, right? A whole decade has flown by, but for any indie-lovers who look back at The Libertines' '02 release with a fond smile and a sigh, we've got a proper treat for you here. Camden's guitar-strumming quartet Regents are hitting up The Monarch next Wednesday and the influence Pete and Carl have had on their sound is pretty awesome. It takes us back to the dawning of that vintage rock n' roll era like nothing else can, but also feels as fresh as a daisy on account of its fuzzy, lo-fi edge. North London's where it's at. Make sure you check this one out.

Thursday 17th January

As we notify you of this next listing, you can rest assured that we are doing so while jumping up and down in our chair like a kid on its way to mothereffing Disneyland. FJOKRA HAVE THEIR FIRST GIG OF 2013 NEXT WEEK. If you're unfamiliar with this Emerging Icons Headliner, you'll soon be cursing yourself for having taken so long to catch on. To put it in perspective, even notoriously epic performers like Muse can be shoved into the shade by this lot. Yep, the creative scope and flair for showmanship Fjokra deliver would even make Matt Bellamy quietly slink away like a pup that's been kicked in the nuts. Dramatic, powerful and fusing disparate genres like an insane scientist-cum-rockgod, The Half Moon can expect a scaled down stadium-show thriller exploding under their roof on Thursday. You really should be there.

Friday 18th January

Now we go from one 'Fj' band to another, as Fjords are also going to be expelling magic from every orifice next week. They continue to colonise South Wales under the weight of their spikily schizophrenic electro-rock; this time with a show at Le Pub in Newport. It's gonna be a good'un. Basically, if Maximo Park were to stage a Duran Duran tribute show in a laser-loving discotheque, they may start to get somewhere towards the Fjords sound. As it is, the Cardiff-based quintet are doing just fine with their own vibrant performance style, earning 'next big thing' predictions wherever they roam. With a number of prime support slots under their belts, you can be safe in the knowledge that this is one band who know how to put on a cracking show. Don't miss out...

Friday 18th January

When they made it onto Absolute Radio's airwaves with Emerging Icons in the latter half of 2012, none of that 100,000 strong listenership would have twigged on to the fact that Big Casino were but a month or two old. Comprised of three veritable music gluttons, the swift gelling of the ability and sound of this band was born from a natural chemistry and outstanding musicianship. It would be quite an honour for any band to invite comparisons to the likes of Dave Grohl and Jacoby Shaddix; but for this lot, hearing feedback like that makes them squeal like schoolgirls. For real. Their outstanding alt-rock will blow Liverpool's O2 Academy 2 away next week- especially as it's on their Merseyside their home turf.

Saturday 19th January

Andy Muscat at The Islington: Islington, London

2012 finished on an almighty high at Andy Muscat HQ, with the '54321' EP being a welcome addition to many a playlist. The band's 'new wave indie' continues to challenge the bog standard approach to the genre, drawing in elements of true soul to their delectable knack for song-writing. Andy's impressive performance history saw him take on The Portsmouth Guildhall before he could even buy a pint... but jump forward a few years, and he's sounded awesome in venues across the whole South. He's also been racking up rave reviews; Absolute Radio being particularly taken upon hearing a bit of Jeff Buckley influence in there. This is a show that's bound to impress, so make sure you get down to The Islington to see what all the fuss is about.

Don't forget that there are plenty more shows to go along to if you can't make any of these. Just head along to our 'GIGS' section and the musical world is your oyster.


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