05/09/2013 09:47 BST | Updated 04/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 8 Sept - 15 Sept 2013

Diaries at the ready! We've got a handful of shows to tell you about and you need to get them jotted down somewhere ASAP. Your social life will thank you for it...

Diaries at the ready! We've got a handful of shows to tell you about and you need to get them jotted down somewhere ASAP. Your social life will thank you for it...

We've rummaged around to track down the cream of the crop when it comes to live music. This bunch here are putting on the most unmissable shows in the coming week, so get down there and support them if you can.

Here are our top tips for all next week's hot gigging action- our Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Monday 9th September

Jody Brock at Under The Bridge: Chelsea, London

From beneath Chelsea FC's home-turf of Stamford Bridge, new soul superstar Jody Brock will be singing his heart out in his inimitably cool style. New music fans will have a cracking night out on their hands if they can make it down to the show which also features Aiden Grimshaw on the bill and Radio1's resident funnyman Tom Deacon on hosting duties. From a site that's more used to hearing football chants ringing out, the atmosphere will be somewhat more chilled thanks to the the smooth vocal performance and entrancing stage presence of the South-West London singer-songwriter. While greats such as Donny Hathaway and James Brown have obviously made an impression on Jody's sound, he also bears (an appropriate) blues rock-edge which stands him apart from his soulful contemporaries. Go check him out...

Thursday 12th September

New Infection at Underbelly: Hoxton, London

London's New Infection hit Hoxton next Thursday as they gear up to unleash their potent blend of riffs n beats in the capital's East. With buddies like Radio1's Ally McCrae and Xfm's John Kennedy backing their corner, you can turn up in good faith that you're in for an awesome night of fresh sounds that live up to the band's name. You see, they're devastatingly catchy. You may have thought that there could be no greater earworm-monger than Psy, but listening to this lot you may change your mind. This is pop, but not how you know it- the melodies and energy are there but they're very much anchored in the world of edgy rock n' roll. We reckon this is going to be one hell of a show so make sure you're there to get involved with some manic dancing down in front of what will be an incredibly sweaty stage...

Friday 13th September

The Empire at 229: Marylebone, London

"ERMAHGERD it's Friday 13th!" If you're genuinely fearful of this date you need to sort your life out- how can we be doomed to a day of bad luck if it involves a gig with everyone's new rock n' roll faves, The Empire? The atmospheric 90s-styled indie kids are bringing their flavoursome brand of sound to an ace new music showcase at 229 in the heart of London town- it's gonna be a belter. With their gutsy instrumentals and attention-grabbing vocal style, they're earmarked to be an absolutely stunning live act- so head along for yourself to see if our predictions are correct. If you're still worried about the date maybe just glance at the guestlist on the way in to check that there's no 'Jason Voorhees' on there.

Saturday 14th September

Rayon Nelson at Westfield London: Shepherd's Bush, London

Since shifting Emerging Icons' 'Westfield Presents' residency to Saturdays, we've been able to offer an all-dayer pop-up festival experience for the good people of London town. One artist we're particularly pleased to welcome back to our Shepherd's Bush stage is the awesome Rayon Nelson- a singer-songwriter with bucketloads of soul and a vocal that's like golden honey for the ears. The simple sound of an acoustic guitar with a natural gift such as his is just sublime, making for a highlight of the programme during the afternoon. He's in good company too- with sets from Rob Johnson and Ollie Sloan already booked in, Westfield's visitors aren't going to be getting much shopping done that's for sure...

Saturday 14th September

Scarlett & Saffron at O2 Academy: Birmingham, West Midlands

Grimsby lads Scarlett & Saffron have a road trip planned for half of their hometown as they have a date booked with Birmingham's O2 Academy. The melodic alt trio are on the bill for a 'Ones To Watch' showcase- meaning that we're not the only ones out there urging you go along to check em out. It's no-nonsense rock n' roll in action here- plenty of riffing, big beats and anthemic choruses that will get their loyal crowd singing their hearts out with their pints held up high. Festival season may be on its way out now the summer's over, but with shows like this you can still feel those euphoric highs in the company of good mates and great music...

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