Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Jan 7th- Jan 13th 2013

To get us started as we mean to go on, there's five awesome gigs to get pencilled in as we reveal our Top Five Emerging Icons Live for the first full week of the year.

Happy new year, one and all! As you held that glass of champers/ice-cold beer aloft as the clock struck twelve, we hope you saluted all of the new music that's going to be coming your way in 2013. We can't wait to see what's in store!

To get us started as we mean to go on, there's five awesome gigs to get pencilled in as we reveal our Top Five Emerging Icons Live for the first full week of the year. Whether you want to rock out or chill out- there's something for you. Get it on your personal calendar!

So here are our Top Five Emerging Icons Live, just waiting to be enjoyed by your gig-loving peepers...

Wednesday 9th January

If some of you happen to be gallivanting across the channel at the start of the year, you'll be delighted to know that one of our Emerging Icons of London 2012 is gigging in the gorgeous city of Chambery. You may remember that the Northern Irish singer-songwriter has upped sticks to go and live in France; but we are really pleased to see that he's still going strong with his uplifting brand of warmly positive, acoustic tunes. The 'Carry You' performer brought a ray of light to 'Emerging Icons In The Park', and seeing his music reach the continent can only be a good thing in our opinion.

Friday 11th January

Three ladies after our own hearts, Sound of The Sirens were formed "out of a desire to create music to restore the credibility of female artists that have been destroyed by the relentless bombardment of TV 'talent". We know we tend to put the boot in when it comes to Cowell's empire, but its only through our respect and recognition of the talent out there- including this trio. With sweet, yet incredibly empowered harmonies; Abbe, Lisa and Hannah's stage presence is as enchanting as their fresh take on folk music. With their vocal abilities and good choice of name, we reckon they'll be getting plenty of passers-by drawn in to listen. No shipwrecks are likely in the heart of Islington, thankfully.

Friday 11th January

Our Brightonian pals Fragile Creatures are back in London with a show in Hoxton to get 2013's gigging endeavours rocking and rolling. When we first spoke to them following their Absolute Radio airplay a few months ago, we discovered that keyboard player Aaron has a debilitating fear of geese. Don't ask how that came up in conversation. Well, last time the indie poppers featured in our Top Five listings, we suggested that one of you should take some kind of goose-related paraphernalia along to the show for a laugh. Despite feeling a little bad afterwards, we're not sure if that ever happened. Just in case, we're rather cruelly throwing it out there again. To be honest our hopes aren't as high this time- most of the feathered population have just been wiped out by seasonal gluttony.

Friday 11th January

Jungle Doctors can prescribe a cure for all January blues tonight as they take on the bloody gorgeous surroundings of Shepherd's Bush's namesake Hall. Beneath the glittering glow of the chandeliers and the glamour of the elegant décor, Teddington's finest will be impressing a fresh crop of new fans with their irresistibly sunkissed tunes. We've been quite taken aback by the potential we've already witnessed in this young indie band- showing glimmers of the style and showmanship of massive acts such as The Maccabees and The Drums. Joining a line-up that also features The Carnabys and Dorey The Wise; this evening promises to be a celebration of new talent, as well as showcasing HUGE names of the future.

Saturday 12th January

Elton John reckons Saturday night's alright for fighting. We reckon you can do better than that though. Do you know what Saturday night's really alright for? ROCKING LIKE A MOTHEREFFER. Thankfully, any Brummies out there can be guaranteed a debauched night of moshing and hard riffing as local heroes GlassBullet are looking to tear things up at O2's Academy 3. With sounds of Soundgarden rippling through its middle like a stick of rock (what else?) this four-piece will be dishing up groove-laden beauties that Chris Cornell himself would be happy to salute. Give it a go this weekend.

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