Top Five Emerging Icons Live 22 Oct-28 Oct

17/10/2012 10:47 BST | Updated 16/12/2012 10:12 GMT

There's so much music going on in London that sometimes it can leave you wondering where the hell is best to strut your stuff. Shall it be a night of face-chewing drum 'n' bass, or cocktails down the cabaret? Well we've got you five Emerging Icons gigs that'll each give you something different to throw your best shapes to.

So... without further ado here are this weeks Top Five Emerging Icons Live gigs:

Monday 22 October

The Rising Vine at Vibe Bar: Brick Lane, London - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The Rising Vine will be rocking down to one of London's most musical lanes and performing at The Vibe Bar on 22 October. This London three-piece have influences from all over the place, which creates a truly original sound. There's blues, country, rock, and indie all jumbled into neat yet different mix, creating a classic sound with a modern, distorted twist. Droning, mesmerising vocals over rhythmic chord progressions and reverb-laced guitar licks, The Rising Vine are definitely one band you don't want to miss.

Thursday 25 October

Opinaut at The Water Rats: Kings Cross, London - CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The Monto Water Rats is a venue that's seen stars of old and new. Bob Dylan played his first UK gig there in 1962. Katy Perry appeared on stage before reaching pop stardom. Something new and hard-hitting is in order, so it's up to electronic experimentalists Opinaut to set the bar on Thursday 25 October. With an extensively textured sound that whispers of Muse and North Atlantic Oscillation, these guys are gonna shake this old music hall to it's foundations! Epic soundscapes with live and electronic instrumentation, these guys are one band YOU NEED TO SEE.

Friday 26 October

Paolo Albertazzi at The Luxe: Shoreditch, London

Paolo Albertazzi is an artist who we respect - someone who's just gone and has pursued his dreams. Originally from Italy, he grew up performing in local bands as a frontman, then decided to move onto a solo career as an electronica artist. After finding Italy's music scene too limiting for him, he said his good-byes to family and friends and moved to London to pursue a music career. Paolo's music is catchy, melodic and and perfectly produced. With vocals that whisper the softness of The Postal Service, his refreshing pop-electronica has a uniqueness that's getting The Luxe bouncing to the beat on Friday 26th October.

Friday 26 October

Fjokra at The Bull and Gate: Kentish Town, London

Emerging Icons Headliner Fjokra is yet another artist to be getting London lively on Friday 26 October. This eponymous multi-instrumentalist from Dublin packs a punch in his music like no other. His songs sounds like they were all composed on a mad acid binge, whilst his attention to detail and multi-genre masterdom begs the question - why is this guy unsigned? Go and see what we're talking about, because Fjokra is going to rip it up and throw it down like nothing you've ever seen. And that's a promise.

Friday 26 October

Danny Sherwood at Off Broadway: Broadway Market, London

Armed with only a piano and a heartfelt voice, Danny Sherwood is something special to see at Off Broadway. A broad use of genre accentuates Danny's gritty yet melodious voice with lyrics that tell a story, all the while full of angst and regret. Blues, gospel and jazz piano styles are all jumbled together to make an evocative, powerful performance that will guarantee to impress. If you like music full of emotion, humour and poetry then get down to see Danny Sherwood at Off Broadway.