03/03/2013 05:28 GMT | Updated 27/04/2013 06:12 BST

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 4 March - 10 March 2013

Emerging Icons gig calendars at the ready? Ears open? Excellent, because we've got some brand new music to cram in both. GET READY. (It won't hurt.)

Out of the vast list of ace live music coming up next week, we've plucked out just five shows to tell you about. These are the unmissable gigs- the ones you'll be thinking about for weeks to come and splattering all over your Facebook news feed. Every single one of them is going to be a fantastic night for new music- so if you can make it down there, let them know!

By following the links below you can access the artists' gig page. Simply click 'YES', that you plan on attending, and your top acts can know to expect you down at the show. Lovely stuff. If you're still unclear let this guy help you...

So here are this week's jewels in the gigging crown... our Top Five Emerging Icons Live!

Monday 4th March

The Blood Choir at Fleece: Bristol, Avon

Joining The Magic Band on the bill at the Fleece in Bristol tonight, The Blood Choir will be setting a more serious tone to your Monday. Don't be afraid- this is real music you can get your teeth stuck into- and it's always good to try something new int it. The experimental post-rock of this local band is going to make you wonder if you've quietly slipped into a trippy slumber, or perhaps have awoken inside the thickening plot of a European arthouse film. It's testing the expectations of your live music experience, and what could be more exciting than that? You'll hear sounds and feel atmospheres you'll never have realised could exist. We can imagine Thom Yorke popping along to a show like this- gently tipping his glass of fine wine towards The Blood Choir in muted adulation. You should go along just in case this actually happens.

Thursday 7th March

Revival at Hard Rock Café: Manchester, Lancashire

We always say that going along to any of our Emerging Icons' gigs is a fantastic way to show your support for their music. Well, on this occasion, it may be even more supportive than you may first think. South Manchester metal heads Revival are battling it out in the first live heats of this year's Hard Rock Rising tonight, and they could do with as many fans down there as possible. It's completely free entry and there's going to be all kinds of tunes to bang your head to- and what's more, you may be able to help Lancashire's new rocking four-piece move one step closer to that set at Hard Rock Calling this summer. Click on the link and let them know you're attending. They'll appreciate it more than ever!

Saturday 9th March

I Said Yes at Tooting Market Takeover: Tooting, London

The sights, the sounds, the hustle and the bustle of Tooting Market are being replaced by something completely different this weekend- most notably, feel-good pop tunes and this affable bunch of scallywags. I Said Yes invite you to witness them taking over this busy nook of London with some folky vibes and deliciously upbeat rhythms. Fresh, light and wholesome, we guarantee it'll fill your soul up with more happiness than any tasty treat you can locate on any stall. Bold statement, but a true one. It's a sort-of EP Launch party too, promising to see their five-track record released into the world with a flourish of style. The Ghosts, Molly Wagger and Freada all join them on a tidal wave of stunning melody to awash your ears.

Saturday 9th March

The Boston Tea Party at Non-Zeros: Dundee, Scotland

The Boston Tea Party, (the event), was made famous by a bunch of pissed off American colonists and their views on tax. The Boston Tea Party (the band), has been made famous by one superstar Jake Bugg and his views on rock n' roll. Yep, on a few occasions now, that retro lovin' fella has publicly told of his love for this Dundee-based four-piece- as has the NME in their 'Ones To Watch' for 2013. Not bad, that. You want to know why? Well how about you get yourself along to this show to see for yourself. With their mutual passion for blues, roots, folk and Fleetwood Mac, this band have never failed to impress their ever-increasing fanbase. For a touch of the old-school definitely check this lot out...

Sunday 10th March

Yew at Sneaky Pete's: Edinburgh, Midlothian

We're staying in Scotland for our final tip of the week as we've got a show from the marvellous acoustic outfit, Yew. There's nowt more exciting than having a gig to celebrate the release of a new record, so this one is sure to be a night to remember. Taking inspiration and influence from a delicious platter of artists that includes Bon Iver and Damian Rice for starters; this project has been carefully crafted under the loving eye of guitar-nimble duo, Euan Ryan and Fin Duncan. The strength of their musicianship has sculpted the sound that Yew has become renowned for, experimenting with 'complex instrumentals with catchy hooks and enjoyable melodies.' That's a lot of boxes ticked, right? Get along to this one if you can.

If you can't find a gig near you, don't panic. There's plenty more where these came from. Simply click on 'GIGS' at the top of the Emerging Icons homepage to access the full listings- or if you're feeling a bit lazy? Click here.