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You Need To Hear This: New Music From Mila Falls, Jody Brock, Worry Dolls and Discopolis

'You Need To Hear This' is your weekly dose of hot new music action, bringing together the best new talent we unearth, no matter what the genre.

We're like musical magpies, you see. It doesn't matter what shape or form the music comes in- if there's something about it, we just need to let you guys know about it. With the thousands of incredible acts out there it can of course be a little tricky to make our minds up- but hey, we always manage somehow.

Check out our top picks for this week in our buzzing round-up below. We've got plenty of love for every one of this lovely lot, but it's mainly a heads-up for you guys so you can go out there and get discovering our amazing artists for yourselves.

So, shall we have a look at the acts that have got us going this week? Here are the artists you REALLY need to hear...

Mila Falls

While it might sound like one of the clichéd lines you hear wheeled out on talent shows year after year, there is definitely truth in the statement that some people are simply BORN to be popstars. If you need proof, just take a look at Mila Falls. Coincidentally, the Norwich-born singer-songwriter took a bow at Britain's Got Talent earlier this year, but instead of succumbing to the fast-track world of becoming (in)famous via TV, she's a hard grafter steadily raising her profile by blowing away one audience at a time. She's played to some huge crowds- having toured with Ringo Starr, hit numerous fests and played a gig to kick off the World Cup in South Africa to name a few. Her sound is bubblegum electro-pop with an edge- taking your sweet mainstream Katy Perry type tunes and blending in some Gaga visual theatrics along the way. But this ain't about hiding behind synths, bright colours and camp costumes- this girl's got a huge voice on her. We've tracked down a number of her unplugged sessions which have made us go weak at the knees... check out this beaut.

Jody Brock

For most of us, seeing someone we went to school with achieve fame usually amounts to little more than a one-off appearance on an episode of Casualty, or perhaps some airtime on Crimewatch. Either way, it's usually something quite rare to say the least. But imagine being able to say you went to the same school as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J... Dane Bowers off of Another Level? Not only do you have some pretty epic footsteps to follow, your own potential-success-rating surely jumps up a notch or two. One fella who is certain to live up to the challenge is 21-year-old BRIT School graduate, Jody Brock. Blessed with a natural songwriting flair and spine-tingling vocal, the South London lad is carving his way as one of the most promising soul artists to emerge on the scene. Working with an immense list of creative types who have worked their magic for the likes of Cee-Lo Green and Corinne Bailey-Rae, everything is in place for this guy to become huge and break the mainstream. With the power and unique tone in that voice, the edgier rock elements and impassioned delivery, fans of Maverick Sabre are gonna fall head over heels...

Worry Dolls

We're awful partial to a bit of creative lunacy. So, you can probably imagine just how happy we were when we discovered the brilliantly quirky duo Worry Dolls- a super-shiny beacon of joy in a dreamland far, far away from the persistently 'regular' sound of folk that's flooding the charts right now. It's a world where anything can happen as the conventions of folk music are balanced out with their 'small statement against a worn down lyrical standard'. So, while there may still be the familiar presence of saccharine harmonies, ukulele and acoustic guitar- there are also stories of drag queen lust, for example. In the first two years of their lives as Worry Dolls, Rosie and Zoe have played Glastonbury Festival, supported the likes of Rachel Sermanni, self-released an EP, made a huge impact on London's live scene AND made significant developments in the positive representation of redheads. They really are a gift that keeps on giving. If you're into rustic tweecore with a bit of bite, definitely give these ladies a spin...


Festivals stormed: Reading, Leeds, T In The Park.

Mega artists supported: Friendly Fires, Simian Mobile Disco, Django Django.

Industry supporters: Pete Tong, Nick Grimshaw, Rob Da Bank.

Need we go on as to why you need to check out Discopolis? Oh, go on then. Quite frankly, the Edinburgh four-piece are without a doubt, one of the highest calibre electronic acts we've come across for some time. If you don't believe us, just ask Swedish House Mafia's DJ Axwell. The House legend is not only a huge fan of this lot's sound- he took his support one step further by releasing their latest single, 'Committed To Sparkle Motion'. Providing joy to beat fiends and Donnie Darko fans alike, it's tunes like that have seen them tipped as one of NME's 'Most Exciting' new bands, as well as garnering them a reputation as one of the hottest remixers on the block. Listening to their music is like reliving a montage of your summer highlights- from giddy sun-drenched afternoons on an Ibiza beach to the laser-framed rave of a fest's sweaty dance tent. They essentially encapsulate all things awesome about pissed up partying- and what's not to like about that?

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