06/07/2015 06:08 BST | Updated 03/07/2016 06:59 BST

What You Give Is What You Get: Living Life By the Golden Rule

How many of you wake up each morning with a song (or part of a song) going 'round and 'round in your head? I've can never ascertain whether this is a phenomena that just a few or many of us experience. Anyway, I'm digressing before I've even started! So, this morning - and most of yesterday - I had The Jam's 'Start' going around and around in my head. Well, the lines

'For knowing that someone in this life

Loves with a passion called hate

And what you give is what you get'

It was whilst cleaning my teeth in rhythm to the song this morning that I started thinking more and more about what you give being what you get. If this is the case then we need to think in a more concentrated way about where (and what) we spend our time and energy, and ensuring that what we put out - what we give - is what we want to get back. The principle is the same as The Golden Rule; treating others as you wish to be treated.

I had a very light-touch Christian upbringing, and I can't remember much from sitting on hard uncomfortable pews on a Sunday, but one thing; The Golden Rule - or the Ethics of Repository - has always been one of the things from those sparing Sundays sat in uncomfortable pews that has always stuck with me. it's a beautifully simple guide to living a life with accountability and taking responsibility for how you want it to be.

Living the Golden Rule Everyday

Think about the values you hold and the principles you live by; those things which are so important to you that if you get wronged it strikes you to the very core. For example, one of mine is consideration. It's up there alongside being heard and being treated with respect. With this in mind, living by The Golden Role ensures that I pay this forward and treat people with consideration, I listen when they have something to communicate and act with respect at all times.

Ok, so it's not always easy every day and in every way, but its great to become much more aware if something is not sitting comfortably with you with. You might have an ongoing struggle with a partner, a family member or a work colleague. Working out how what they do or say goes against your principles may be the start to uncovering why there seemed behaviour is irking you so much. Knowing this and communicating your values to them will help break down some barriers.

Giving out more of what you hold to be true

So, you've worked out what it is that you stand by and believe in as a set of guides and principles you live by; start giving out more of it every day. Radiating out love, respect and good vibes increases a positive energy shift. Be warned though; it works the same the other way - how often have you noticed a bad mood or neggie vibe catching like a cold? It's true that what you give out you will give out so be aware of what, and how, you would like people to treat you. Do more of that yourself. If for you - like me - this means buying a truckload of chocolate cake then that's what shall be done!

Collective kindness

By being more aware of how we wish to be treated and the effect of our actions on those around us means that we get to design good (and bad) experiences. How often do you feel like you would like a little more kindness in the world around you? Well, you have the power to be part of a collective kindness by giving more of it out. Simply taking notice of those around you and helping them out where you can everyday and in everyway will pay it back and pay it forward to the next person, and then the next person. Starting with something as simple as letting people out at a busy junction is an interesting demonstration of this. I do this on a regular basis and 9 times out of 10 I love sitting behind that car and watching them let someone else out. Compassion is more infectious than a cold!

Living every day with motivation, energy and zeal

If we know that what we put out into the world to make it a better place then what about what we need in order to get more good stuff for us and our purpose? Where are you at with this right now? Is life busy, full of stress and things not stitching together? What if you could flip it on its head and have a life full of the good stuff. This is all about filling your life with good vibes and positive meaning in order to raise vibrations for higher energy. Practicing gratitude, setting intentions and play all have inherent parts to play in living it technicolour.

So, golden child, how are you going to take steps forward to treat others, the world around you and your life with the respect and love it deserves and know that what you give is what you'll get?