Soap Box

15/02/2017 11:31 GMT | Updated 15/02/2018 10:12 GMT

Maybe I need to cut down on real news and reality TV - both are aiding an impending heart attack. Twitter updates allow me to laugh and cry out of sheer panic regularly. Fake news, alternative facts, lies and corruption everywhere, attempting to drown out the majority of us who want to live decent lives.

I understand why Trump is a dimwit, he's been one for years. I cannot fathom why anyone thought he was a choice for anything other than selling flammable ties. Saying that, here in the UK we've made some interesting decisions along the way too, clearly we're not innocent bystanders.

The fact that America's decision making creates chaos for the entire world is terrifying, and the self righteousness of it all is disgusting. What I don't understand, however, is how quickly people seem to roll over to do the bad things he wants. The Muslim ban was horrendously cruel, but the TSA folk in the airports didn't have to suddenly ask citizens if they loved their country, the questioning of loyalty came far too easily for some. No children had to be scared in the confusion - basic human kindness and interaction could have made the whole panic much easier to bear. They could have done their jobs without losing all sense. His advisors don't actually have to follow through with orders they don't believe in. So what's heartbreaking is that they do - the hopefully few TSA agents liked terrorising the people they held. Those surrounding Trump all seriously enjoy being minions. The hatred is eating them from within and the rest of us are left screaming "WTF" every time they open their mouths.

The political climate in Northern Ireland isn't any better. Faux religious outrage and hypocritical living everywhere.

We have several parties fighting to become Head Boy or Girl at Stormont - having a choice is good, they tell us. But most have avid interests in keeping us segregated. Continuing the 'Us'uns and Them'uns' keeps them in very profitable careers - why anyone could honestly vote for most of the main parties and expect any progress is seriously beyond comprehension.

Perhaps I'm naive because I hope people do vote for change, for progressive change. For women to have rights over our own bodies. For LGBTQ people to get married, have kids or adopt with ease. For job creation and lowered rates. For more parking. For safer streets. For better education, and better teachers. For fewer religious fundamentalists getting ahead. For more worldly and intelligent folk to have their say.

I don't even care about RHI heating scandal - it's masking the incompetency of other sectors. The bigoted views of people paid to be impartial being secondary news, easily forgotten till the next moronic thing. Our hospitals are under staffed and the waiting times are stupid. We lack so many of the huge issues facing other countries that it's breathtakingly ignorant to allow this place to stay so infuriatingly at a standstill.

It's easy to throw in the towel, to ask what your single vote will really achieve. I've heard the apathy from all walks of life. But doing nothing isn't an option. Staying silent when those with political power will oppress your neighbours for no other reason than they want to, is a corruption of your moral fibre.

Fear is a powerful stimulant to get folks fired up, but compassion and knowledge is how we move onwards. We must not allow ourselves to sit still - No one will help us in the future. Our patch of land is becoming insignificant, and one day the UK government will get tired of our petty infighting and the huge amounts of £££'s they pay us not to kill each other. We cannot wait for others to swoop in for the rescue, it's time to learn the lessons from the past and to move forward knowing all of us want a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous country. It's not easy and it'll take some time, but it doesn't have to take forever. If you vote for those who will squabble your life away, then you deserve what you get, but do the rest of us? Is the next generation doomed to relive your decisions like a crap 'Norn Iron' version of Groundhog Day?

So is it conceivable that we might get along? Stop showing literal terrorists how daft we are? Let's allow for advancement, pretty please? Maybe fake it till you make it? I await with bated breath.