22/06/2015 12:03 BST | Updated 18/06/2016 06:59 BST

Soundtrack to a Grexit

Drama and tragedy: Greek concepts, Greek words and the Greeks love them both. Yet to top them off, there's nothing that the average Greek loves more than a good song and dance. From the lyre to the bouzouki and all manners of drums and dancing in between, music is one part of an ancient culture that no Grexit can extinguish.

With that in mind, we thought we'd put together a soundtrack for a possible Grexit. Whilst for a period in the 1960s and 70s, Greek singers Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos topped charts around the world, it's to Eurovision we turn for our inspirational music and lyrics.

And so, in solidarity with Greece's plight, here is a Top 5 of Eurovision Grexit songs to sing along to, whatever your mood; whether you want to march against the Troika or beg them for (debt) forgiveness.

1992 - Olu tu kosmou i Elpitha - Kleopatra - if you're in the mood for hope and love

We start with a bit of hope, and at the time, Greece's best ever placing.

Key lyrics:

What can I say about everything that is changing around me

What will it mean for me the future

My children's questions frighten me

The answers that I give them are not enough

Let my song's melody

Be the compass to the journey

I found the answer in love

And the whole light of Spring

And all the hope in the world

1993 - Hellada, hora tou fotos - Katy Garbi - if you're feeling patriotic

A striking singer in a stunning frock and a catchy tune full of ethnic charm. With some very prescient lyrics:

Greece, country of light, the world's beginning and comeback

A place chosen by God

Something's going on, you don't give a damn

Difficult times are coming, and the sky is shouting to you

Sit down and think, get to your senses

They trick us with sadness and taste

Oh immortal spirit, the evil is destroying you

1995 - Pia prosefhi - Elina Konstantopoulou - if you want to pray for the Troika's sins

By the mid-90s, things had gotten a little darker with these damning lyrics...again, quite scarily prescient and relevant.

They wanted to remove this land's honour

Without realising the insolence they were committing

I had a fortune and they abused it

They committed sacrilege and they weren't even ashamed

They didn't think of my life's history

Which prayer shall I say for their sins?

Which prayer can I say so they can be saved?

I drop wine to purify their sins

Which prayer shall I say for those who make me suffer?

2003 - Never Let you go - Mando - if you're feeling confused and a little remorseful

By 2003, the Greeks were entering songs sung in English. This one is the classic musical rendition of Stockholm Syndrome.

I don't know what I'm going through

Close my eyes, still see you inside

Everything reminds me of you

I could never let you go

I can't hide my feelings at all

I give you love, sometimes it's so hard

Without you I know why I would fall

I could never let you go

And finally:

2015 - One Last Breath - Maria Elena Kyriakou - for when you're on your knees and feel like begging

From 2004 to 2014 with one win and no fewer than nine top ten placings, the Greeks were having fun at Eurovision - with upbeat dance songs such as Rise Up, Shake It, Opa, Yassou Maria, Secret Combination and Alcohol is Free. And then came this year's entry.

My soul, I guess I'm just no one

You killed me and I am done, without a gun

My light has fade(d), I feel betrayed

Just can't be brave, without faith

How could you leave?

I'm begging you take me

Out of this firing hell

Come back and save me

What happened wasn't fair

Nothing left

All that I have is one last breath

Only one last breath

Ouch. Whilst Greece may have secretly been happy at Germany's nul points this year (and even more happy that they didn't win a contest they couldn't afford to host), I'm sure there was some hope that this subliminal message would get through. Only time will tell.

So there you have it, whether you're all Greek or this is all Greek to you, you now have a soundtrack to help you as you watch the drachma unfold. (Sorry).