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How To Be A Good Wife - 17 Ways To Guarantee A Happy Hubby


You want to be a good wife, right?

Whether you're engaged, newly married or you have been married for many years, it's not too late to brush up your wife skills. I've made it easy for you with these 17 ways to guarantee a happy hubby.

Cook him a nice meal for when he gets home

No he doesn't want vegetables and pasta, unless he's a fitness instructor he doesn't care how much vitamin K is in broccoli. He wants pizza or steak, maybe both together if it's his birthday.

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Make sure he has clean socks every day

Even if there is a huge pile in the clean washing pile, men are rubbish at finding things. Even if you don't get chance to put your own clothes away, make sure his undies make it into his drawer.

Make him feel like a man

It doesn't matter if you can open the jam jar, you must always pretend it's too hard and ask him to do it. He will love feeling like a big, strong man who is able to rescue his damsel in distress.

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Don't let him get too hungry

Men that get hungry get angry, or 'hangry'. Never let it get that far, notice when he's not eaten in a few hours and bring him little snacks but NEVER suggests that his mood is down to being hungry. Think of how it makes you feel when he suggests it's your 'time of the month'.

Halve your daily word count

He really is interested in your day but would much rather go for the 'short version'.

Give him lots of 'me time'

When he comes home from work and has finished his steak pizza, offer him time playing computer games or watching man programmes like family guy or myth busters.

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Run him a bath

He won't admit it but he would love to get in your candle lit, lavender smelling bubble bath. Don't refer to it as being in any way unmanly, just tell him you've run him a bath and say no more. Leaving your rose petal talc in there won't hurt either.

Reassure him about his weight

Happily married men will start to put weight on (don't forget he needs constant snacks) but hate the thought of getting fat. So ditch the scales and replace all of his clothes for the next size up, don't forget to cut the labels out! Make sure he knows you like a 'real man' not a stick thin teenager body. Grab is good!

Put some weight on too

If he starts to become too big, you need to put some weight on too, then just explain it's a natural occurrence when you get to this age.

Let him play out with his friends

Boys will be boys. Don't make him feel bad about wanting to go out and play with his friends.

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Make him lots of tea and coffee

A happy husband is one with a hot cup of tea in his hands!

Ask him about the football scores

Yea I know football is the biggest waste of time ever but he'll love that you show an interest in his football world. Look up who's played and ask him how they did, he'll be so impressed!

Let him fix things (even if they aren't broken)

Every man likes to think of themselves as a machine when it comes to building, fixing or repairing. Let him get on with it and then tell him what a good job he's done (or tell him you didn't like it anyway if he breaks it beyond repair).

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Leave the toilet seat up

He works hard, he really shouldn't have to spend half of his life putting the toilet seat up. Help him out.

Keep a copy of his favourite magazine in the toilet

Whilst we're on the subject of toilets, keep an up to date 'toilet library' just for him. Consider putting a small tv in there if there's room.

Don't nag him

Under no circumstances should you nag him. If he forgets something, just do it for him and consider how it makes him feel when you ask him something over and over again.


If he looks at all sad, angry, hungry, tired, unwell or just a little off, apologise. Then find a way to make it up to him (I'll let your imagination run wild on that one!).

The end result?

One happy husband. See men aren't that hard to work out really, they're very simple creatures and by following these 17 tips, you're guaranteed an easy and peaceful marriage.

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This article has been written to be very tongue in cheek. It is meant for a little fun and not to be taken seriously or to cause offence.

If you have taken offence, go and sit in another room so that your negativity doesn't affect your husband's me time.

This post was first published by Keelie Briggs on The Clued-up Bride where you can find tons of fun wedding planning advice and inspiration.

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