Day Six In The Celebrity Big Brother House

10/01/2012 23:41 GMT | Updated 11/03/2012 09:12 GMT

The old saying goes that a good night's sleep can fix anything and that everything will seem better when that morning sun rises and the Kelloggs cockerel caws; but this does not apply to celebrities with delusions of grandeur in the Big Brother house. Andrew Stone continued his all night pity party and carried the rave on throughout the day, even acting as though the love of his life had cheated on him with his own mother. The shades were on, the slouching was in force, and Andrew continued to tell people he was 'fine and relaxed,' he was so relaxed that Natalie Cassidy feared what he may do in the middle of the night; perhaps go wild and make a sandwich at midnight, hop on the treadmill at 3am, or perhaps the scariest thing he could do is fall asleep near Michael, as he has the power to make you open your eyes.

Andrew knows the dealio with the show; you enter with the aim of winning and lighting a spark under a cold career, so I cannot blame him for trying his hardest to be liked, but if I had to share a house with him I'd strangle him with his own stretched leg. Although his brute honesty about Frankie not being able to sing is the best thing I have seen come out of his whimpering mouth all week.

Tomorrow sees the first eviction of the series, and my money is on Georgia to leave, and her one man fan club cannot vote to save his Princess Jasmin. Kirk continued his master class in flirting, by asking if she had a drink would she kiss him; it's lovely to see romance is alive and kicking. Romeo believes the High Street Honey would come out of her shell after a drink; yes, in a 'Jordan dancing on a table with her crotch out' sort of way. Just drink till Kirk gets cute Georgia, that's if Frankie doesn't mind you necking all 20 of his beers.

Nice to see Natasha Giggs turning over a new leaf; gone are the days of married men and hitting headlines for getting your leg over. Upon entering the house she claimed she was not looking for romance, but a fumble wearing nothing but a cowboy hat doesn't really class as love, and if there's no kissing involved then it pretty much never happened; love lesson number one learnt from watching Pretty Woman.

Natasha donned her killer leopard print heels and announced she felt horny, then asked Michael if he felt the same; this leopard will clearly never change her spots and perhaps I should send some sort of Twitter warning to Denzel Washington just incase.

I'm still hoping the producers shove a young filly in for Frankie, as for a second I thought Kirk was fine tuning his microphone in the hot tub; he was under that water far too long for my liking.

Will someone please remind me to buy milk tomorrow, no wait, Jedward already did that with their pasty paper thin physiques...