Campaigners say more must be done to prevent the "cliff edge" of homelessness as the number of people in arrears continues to increase.
Land grabs may have hogged the headlines lately, but in reality, the landless and the state have been at war for years.
Marievale was officially shut down and abandoned as a military base in 1996. Residents are now resisting SANDF efforts to evict them.
Belongings were thrown onto the street by the eviction squad -- former inhabitants are now on the streets.
The lawyer for the Bromwell Street residents in Woodstock is preparing a complaint against Acting Judge Leslie Weinkove.
It was supposed to be the end of a battle which has lasted at least seven years. Last Friday, July 23, was the day set aside for the 20 families who are still in the Vila Autodromo community, set for removal because of the Olympic Games, to receive the keys to their new homes on the same site.
As this article is published, Nasiah, along with many others, are still drifting in the boat house. They have no idea for how long they should stay there. What is certain is that they have now lost not only the places they usually call home, but also long-held memories and the future to which they have been looking forward.
Despite the problems they face, all the vulnerable children I spoke to at the Street Child Games were looking forward to the Olympic Games in Rio this year. The power of sport to inspire and transform lives is immense - how much better it would be if that was harnessed without any harm being committed at the same time.
Clashes have erupted between a group of protesters and police in Brixton, after officers forcibly removed squatters from
Tomorrow sees the first eviction of the series, and my money is on Georgia to leave, and her one man fan club cannot vote to save his Princess Jasmin. Kirk continued his master class in flirting, by asking if she had a drink would she kiss him; it's lovely to see romance is alive and kicking.