London 2012: Personal Moments, Collective Memories and a Lasting Legacy

14/08/2012 17:13 BST | Updated 14/10/2012 10:12 BST

The London 2012 Olympic Games was a showcase for the power of the individual. From the Athletes in the stadiums, to the talents of our music, film and literary stars right down to the volunteers and each person cheering the athletes on as they crossed the finish line, over the 16 days of the games we saw some incredible moments.

Though of course Team GB had outstanding results, there were some truly amazing sporting moments at London 2012. Usain Bolt, David Rudisha, Michael Phelps and Oscar Pistorious are athletes from across the globe that made a massive impact on the London games through their sporting achievements and personal stories. I truly believe that the athletes showed the world that we can become anything we want to be as long as we dream and believe in ourselves. Success doesn't care about culture, race, gender or social background. All success cares about is hard work

I want to shine a particular light on the achievements of women in the games. They did win the first and last medals for Team GB at the Olympic Games after all! When it comes to achieving your goals I believe in the 3D's; Determination, Drive and Discipline. In the Jessica Ennis, Rebecca Adlington, Zara Phillips, Laura Trott and Nicola Adams we saw strong women showing the world just what they were capable of through their commitment.

Jessica, who was essentially the Face of Team GB, had a pressure on her few can imagine. She more than rose to the challenge... she smashed it! Rebecca Adlington became an Olympic champion for a second time in the London 2012 games following up on her success in Beijing.

Zara Phillips overcame the disappointment of not being able to compete in Beijing with a Silver medal in London. Nicola Adams took the first ever gold medal in Women's boxing after years of working to get to the top of her game. At 29, Nicola proved that elite sport is not just for the young but we did see some incredible performances by some of the youngest members of Team GB. Laura Trott claimed 2 gold medals in the velodrome at just 20 years of age. I can't wait to see what Rio 2016 has in store for her!

Tom Daley was another young person who's moment of triumph was made all the more sweet by his personal journey. As someone who lost my father at a young age I know just how challenging it can be to find the strength to carry on let alone go after your dreams. Seeing him take the Bronze medal after the pressure he was under personally and professionally was an absolutely incredible moment.

And who can forget about Mo Farrah! The sound of the stadium as they cheered him across the finish line to claim not one but two gold medals was deafening. His humility in acceptance and the work he does with his foundation shows just how great a man he truly is.

The opening and closing ceremonies showcased our cultural achievements as a nation and I was truly inspired by them. Danny Bolye did an incredible job fusing British humour, achievement, music and art into his opening ceremonies. The montage with the Queen was hilarious and a personal favourite on the night.

Kim Gavin's closing ceremonies were an unabashed celebration of "Cool Britain". Who can compete with our musical legacy, fashion and ability to throw an incredible party! From my dear friend Victoria and The Spice Girls putting on a performance that got everyone dancing to The Supers like Naomi, Kate, Stella, Karen and Georgia-May stomping down the catwalk as well as Jessie J's two amazing performances, the night was a fitting reminder of the Girl Power we saw at London 2012.

In my last article before the Olympics I countered the negative press and now that the dust has settled was can say that the Games delivered so much more than we could have expected. Transport was seamless, the athletes brought home more medals then ever before and the nation was re-invigorated. A special acknowledgement has to be made to the volunteers who made the Games what they were. I've never seen so many smiling, happy helpful people in London!

I am so proud of London and everyone who took part or contributed to these games. We have created memories and a lasting legacy through London 2012 and I'm personally more committed then ever to helping make Britian great through my work with The Princes Trust , PRIME and the GREAT Britain Campaign with the UKTI .

It's hard to let the amazing spirit of the Games go so luckily we have the Paralympics coming up on August 29th and in the meantime Notting Hill Carnival which is the biggest street party of it's kind in all of Europe.

London is such a vibrant, diverse and energising city I am thrilled that we were able to showcase this side of the city to the world!