24/04/2015 12:10 BST | Updated 23/06/2015 06:59 BST

What Not to Say to a Mum of Boys!

Being a mum of four amazing boys, I have been subjected to all of the comments you are about to read! Luckily for my boys, they know that they are the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn't change things for the world. :)

1. You do know that mum's of boys statistically die younger don't you? - I kid you not, this was actually the phrase that was shouted out to me as I left a park once. Unable to come back at her with a cutting enough reply (I have always been better with the written word than the verbal word!) I just left the park dumbstruck thinking 'did I actually just hear that nasty women right?'

2. Wow, you have your hands full! - Yes I do but there are only so many times I can smile politely at this comment as if it is the first time I have heard it!

3. I bet you were scared to try for number 4 knowing that you already had three boys! - Who said anything about trying for number four lady! I tried for my first and then let fate decide whether or not I would be blessed with more. But, if I had 'tried' for number four, I would have happily 'tried' for another boy as he would have fitted right in (and has fitted right in!)with my other three boys - who incidentally are sitting here next to me hearing your every word!

4. Do you have any spaces coming up soon? - I am NOT a frigging child minder!!!!!!

5. Your husband needs to have the snip! - Um, since when was it the business of a stranger to comment on my husbands anatomy and what he does or does not do with it?!? And the person who said this....................wait for it.....................a grumpy old git in a doctors surgery whilst my four boys were sitting there perfectly well behaved!

6. Are you going to try again to see if you get a girl? - Again, annoying strangers who feel you have the right to question what I intend to do with my womb, I do not need to have a baby girl to feel complete. I have four amazing boys who do that for me just fine!

7. Poor mummy having all boys! - This phrase has been said to my children more times than I care to remember...............at supermarket checkouts, in doctors waiting rooms, even by a midwife! Do these people not think that comments such as these may affect my boys?!

8. Are they all yours? - Would I be dragging them all round the supermarket if they weren't?!!!

9. Boys are so much easier than girls! - Thanks, I'll remember that whilst I am clambering up a tree on a rescue mission or breaking up the twentieth play fight of the day whilst your daughters are calmly making up dance routines and trying on each others clothes!

10. You've nearly got your own football team there! - Come on people, try to be just a little bit original!

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