In a series of portraits, this photographer asked Black sons to speak about their beloved mums.
'In the boys’ world, we are decades behind what has happened with girls.'
We may open up conversations with our daughters about how they feel about their bodies, but when was the last time you did
I shouldn't have to defend my parenting while I stand up for my son and his god given right to have autonomy over what happens to his body. Amidst all this feminist ranting we are surrounded by on social media, it's interesting to me that very few people have looked at the other side of this.
You never wanted to be my mom. You wanted to be my grandma. When my dad brought home his pregnant young bride, you probably never anticipated that the next three decades of your life would be spent raising that child.
'She will wake up at the same time every day and save a life.'
Misti Johnson is a hard-working nurse whose job is to save lives and care for people - she also happens to have a few tattoos
‘Positive parenting by fathers may contribute to good outcomes in children.’
bmm banner.jpg The gratitude that the writing and reading of my letter evoked in me 10 years ago remains. When I recall that day, as I often do, I bathe again in the memory of being a 'wonderful son' to a wonderful father.