18/06/2015 09:16 BST | Updated 17/06/2016 06:59 BST

Dear Dad

Father's Day is once again nearly upon us and this year I thought I would give my Father something completely different for Father's Day this year. It is something that he won't be able to unwrap slowly just to annoy me (more about this later) but it did come from the heart with a whole lot of love and thought from me, far more than previous years in fact. I hope you will agree with me when I say this is worth something far more than the usual joke card and funky socks he receives, sorry Dad!

This year is Dear Dad you are going to receive an entire blog article written just about YOU and what you have taught me.

Dad, when I was growing up my you would do a lot of things that would really annoy me, some no doubt you did on purpose! Here are just a few of those things I can remember that REALLY wound me up:

You were always such an early riser and if you were up it meant we all were! You often plucked me reluctantly from my cosy bed, rather too cheerily in my opinion, at the crack of flipping sparrows.

You were such a reluctant traveller. When all my mates were jetting off somewhere hot and sunny, we could be found somewhere in deepest, darkest Britain. Quite often this was in the rain looking at yet another famous landmark or in another exciting train/War museum.

You really didn't like unwrapping gifts. At birthdays and Christmas you would either unwrap your presents REALLY painfully slow or worse still stashed them for later, driving me insane.

You would never park your highly embarrassing car around the corner from the school so I could walk in. Instead you would drive right up to the bus stop, in front of all my mates in whatever embarrassing car you were currently sporting. The land rover and a Dell Boy style van were the ones I found most excruciating.

You were never, ever shocked or rankled by my antics despite my best efforts. If I came home after a few sherbets whilst raving in to the early hours, you would cheerily wake me up again at the crack of sparrows. I didn't get a lecture or a phone call to work saying I wouldn't be in due to "illness" from you, just a swift kick up the butt in to the shower.

You didn't get sucked into my drama. If I came to you moaning about another problem or situation, instead of indulging me, you would calmly and confidently give me a long list of rather annoying practical solutions to try.

As a child your behaviour (gosh, I do sound like a grown up here!)would drive me to utter despair and distraction. Now I am an adult I realise you were not actually trying to be annoy me but trying to teach me valuable life lessons.Lessons that years later I would be eternally grateful for. Heck, I may even annoy my children with them one day.

Dad, this is what you have taught me:

Time and family are precious, they both pass in the blink of an eye. Life really is short so make the most of it every day; the sparrow really does catch the worm!

Through our family explorations I developed a taste for travelling, fun and adventure where ever I am or what the weather is doing. l am not ashamed to admit I love a museum or landmark these days. Cultivate your sense of culture; I owe mine to you Dad.

Some gifts are special, take your time to savour the moment and enjoy the unwrapping. This can be sometimes more exciting than the actual present inside. Socks again I hear you say Dad?

Don't be ashamed of who you are. There is no point hiding your true self, shine bright and be proud. If people judge you on your car they are not people worth knowing.

Life is all about having fun just don't let it get the way of the important things. Life must go on despite a hangover.

There is always a solution to a problem, it may not be the one you want but there is always a way forward. I swear I owe my calm and unflappable personality to working with many a hangover.

Dad even though you were really annoying I really can't thank you enough.Thank you.

Lots of love

Twinkle Toes ( I will now forgive you for this!) x