20/01/2017 09:01 GMT | Updated 21/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Mourning In America: A Letter To My Countrymen

Dear America,

Wow, we just witnessed a mass hypnosis by a master manipulator. A smiling, orange, obese, narcissistic beast wrapping himself in an inherited flag and not caring if it hit the ground. He threw bathtubs full of red meat into the mouths of starving wolves, while blaming the sheep for all their troubles. A strange, misogynistic, Machiavellian, carnival barker from the past who was not afraid to kill truth, logic, justice, the law, journalism or common decency, leaving their carcasses to the flies, vultures and wolves to pick clean along side his road to victory.

Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

My children went to bed on November 8th with the promise of America going forward, not backward. Progress, openness, love, optimism, kindness were in our hearts. Today we wake up to a world that is different, an America that denies its own origin story, a closed minded place, which has cowed to the same pessimism, prejudice and oligarchies that our ancestors fled from.

Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

People would ask me over here in London, "so who are these Trump supporters?" I'd say, they all love America, but see the world quite differently than Hillary supporters. There are two types, and I know one very well. They have let themselves believe that the government is a wasteful and inept effort filled with self serving eunuchs who want to steal 50% of their hard won earnings; wasting it on their bloated, bleary eyed, and ineffective liberal plans and job killing policies. They want lower or no taxes and use a moral issue or two to help them justify that outcome.

Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

The second group are those with a calloused heart, the beaten dog who becomes mean as a defence mechanism. The self-loathing person, who is sometimes helped by the very programs they disdain. The pawn who sees themselves not as middle class or poor, but as a temporarily inconvenienced millionaire. They like their guns in multitudes, their sex straight, their God on a cross. If you think different you are an apostate. Their sons and daughters are sent off to war, while the Orange Man's children indulge in locker room talk on the back nine. Although the heaviest price of war is paid by this group, they instead cheer on the USA in blind patriotism like war is another NFL Sunday activity to derive vicarious personal power from.

Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

I've travelled to over fifty counties, and am always disappointed in Americans who put Canadian flags on their backpacks. I feel they missed an opportunity to create a dialogue and break down misconceptions. I love America, and talk about my love of America to any who will listen. And almost everyone I meet loves America. They have huge respect for our courage, convictions, fight, arts, enterprising spirit, untamed natures, commitment to truth, science, pioneering medical breakthroughs, space travel, kind generous hearts and they understand the nuance of our sometimes tortured soul. The last eight years have made is so much easier for the World's love for America to return. As it is so much easier to love when you are loved and respected as well.

If you give it, you may just get it.

I'm mourning the loss of sanity in our electorate, the vindication that hate has received and the newfound swagger of those who dwell in its darkness. I'm mourning a country I love. This is a country I know will survive and do better, and learn. I will continue to fight for an America and the planet I want my children to inherit. I am comforted by and will support the spunky and intelligent group of Democrats and Independent in Congress who now must act as the immune system to keep this disease of hate, intolerance and disrespect for life contained.

Fight for it, you may just get it.

It will take us four years, but we will be back. When you get knocked down, you get up and carry on the fight, waving he flag of love and justice. The teachable moment for my kids is to never surrender. We are Americans, not American'ts. We must continue to pursue love and justice and work with those on the other side, so they realise that this is not a dress rehearsal. It is our one chance to impact the word and all of humanity in positive ways. We are not defined by a president, nation or government; instead by our actions and hearts. We must focus on family, our friends, community and ourselves to improve the world. That is where the change happens.

Be it, and you may just get it.

My hurt comes from a place of love for my country, our laws, protections and the truth. I must remind you that to be critical of America is the most patriotic thing you can do. We are exceptional in that we are either the first generation or have ancestors that rejected status quo. Men and women who sacrificed blood, sweat, tears and treasure to reach our shores with the dream of a better life and better tomorrow. It is their flag we carry into the future.

Wave it, with pride.

Our ship is stronger than one man and one movement in time. The ship of America will stay righted until we receive perfect vision of a more inclusive, compassionate, peaceful and just future in 20/20. #WarrenBooker20/20.

Dream it, and you may just get it.