03/10/2017 06:55 BST | Updated 03/10/2017 06:55 BST

How I Boosted My Productivity By Lifting Weights

I recently started working from home and have found that while I love the freedom, without the need to go outside to get to work I quickly become mentally drained, doubly so because there's no one around to talk to for a pick me up.

I needed something that would pick me up and shake me till I felt as psyched as I do at the start of the day. I tried walking around the park at lunchtime and that worked to a point but it took a really long time and only gave me a lift for about an hour before I began to flake again.

Then I discovered it.

The gym that lay undetected around the corner from my flat.

What feels like a lifetime ago I used to quite like going to the gym, I'd run, cycle, row, and head home again. Now that was fine, but I remembered lifting weights in my mid-teenage years and had a lot of fond memories of picking up something heavy only to put it down again. I've since gotten some knee pain from a youth filled with extreme sports but I was still determined.

So I started researching everything I'd need to know. Powerlifting looked great and it seemed knee sleeves would save me from my past injuries so I was ready. The next day I worked until I started to flag, picked up my gym gear and headed out.

15 minutes and some furious sweating later I felt like a superhero!

I was energised, psyched, very hungry and totally ready to get back to my desk for another few hours of furious typing.

And from going to the gym more I've found an appetite I didn't realise was possible, I seem to be eating all the time but that just fuels me further giving me previously unknown levels of psyched not to mention a will and conviction that I can do anything.

All from 15 minutes 3 times a week.

Richard Branson was once asked how we can become more productive in business. And his reply? Exercise.

Well, it seems he was absolutely right because I feel amazing and you most certainly can too. If you're scared, get a personal trainer. If you think you'll turn into Arny, you won't. Not without serious intent and many many years of training.

If you feel sluggish at work go hit the gym! Pick up something heavy and reap the hours and hours of benefits from just a 15-minute routine.