06/09/2012 08:03 BST | Updated 05/11/2012 05:12 GMT

Fun Ways to Burn Calories Without Going to the Gym!

If you're not a gym lover, then here are a few fun ways of burning those calories without going to the gym.

Sex can be a great workout for your body as well as your mind and your mood. Try different positions and alter the pace to work different muscle groups.

Give a massage. Giving your partner a body massage can be surprisingly physically demanding so go on and burn those calories.

Dancing can be a fantastic way of working out and having fun, so go clubbing and hit that dance floor.

Use your journey to work to keep fit. Instead of taking the bus or car, cycle or power walk. If you do take the tube or train, then at least use the stairs instead of escalators or lifts.

Drinking lots of water throughout the day will mean frequent walk to and from the bathroom, which all helps burn the calories.

Use your lunch hour to get some fitness by going for a walk around the park or perhaps a spot of window shopping.

When you meet up with friends, suggest you do something active together like rollerblading, indoor rock climbing or salsa dancing.

When you're shopping, wear a rucksack. Calories expended will be dependable on your body weight, therefore, the more you carry (safely), the more calories you burn.

Sit on a Swiss ball whilst working at your desk in an office. As you have to pay attention by keeping upright, you will expend more calories by being aware of your posture.

I hope your more inspired!

Ladan Soltani author of ''Fabulous fitness at 40''