07/01/2014 08:13 GMT | Updated 09/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Ditch the Gym and Still Look Your Best After Festive Excess

While the festive period is always a jolly time, the combination of eating and drinking too much and swapping the gym for parties can leave many women feeling unattractive come January.

I myself have managed to put on half a stone thanks to my (life-long) love of cheese, despite spending a fortune in 2013 on vegetables and a burly personal trainer.

Heading back to work is depressing enough for most, without the worry of your clothes pinching at your waist or your tired skin making you look washed-out- so what can you do? As editor of The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, I'm lucky enough to get an insight into all of the revolutionary treatments on the market. Let me share my top 3 youth-boosting tips for looking nothing short of fabulous in the new year.


The Tell Tale Signs:

After weeks of eating enough to even make competitive eaters blush, your belly looks increasingly more like Santa's. Your clothes feel tight and you're unhappy with your post-Christmas body shape.

The solution:

Although there is no replacement for a healthy diet and hours slogging away on a treadmill (sorry) there are various non-surgical cosmetic procedures on the market that can help you slim your thighs and trim your tum. Energy-assisted fat reduction is going to be big news in 2014, with radiofrequency technology offering some jaw-dropping results in just 4 weekly sessions.

I've seen some great results using Vanquish; a relatively new non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to kill fat cells without damaging skin or muscle. It has been labelled a 'breakthrough' by cosmetic experts as it's the only contactless device on the UK market. Pretty impressive.


The Tell Tale Signs:

The late nights have left you looking tired and the extended family visits have resulted in a few new stress lines and worry wrinkles appearing.

The Solution:

Botox and fillers have dominated the last decade, but as many users are now looking for a more long-term way to combat lines and wrinkles, new energy-assisted treatments have replaced needles.The energy causes the collagen support tissues in the skin to remodel and tighten, thereby stimulating and strengthening the collagen network which improves skin laxity and texture. With results often seen after just one treatment, this is perfect for those who feel the festive period has aged them.

My favourites include the Exilis Elite which has been making waves in the UK over the last 18 months. Widely regarded as one of the best high-performance aesthetic devices, this procedure has redefined radiofrequency (RF) technology to reduce wrinkles, treat laxity and reshape the face on patients of all ages.


The Tell Tale Signs:

You've drunk more eggnog than water and as a result your skin is dehydrated and puffy. Your face feels like discarded wrapping paper and your skin devours any moisturiser you apply faster than the Christmas pud soaked up the brandy.

The Solution:

Dermal hydrating treatments are a relatively new concept in the world of aesthetics and have come about in response to the discovery that poor skin tone and texture is as much of a giveaway of ageing as lines and wrinkles. There are currently two main contenders on the market; Restylane Vital and Juvederm HYDRATE. Both are made from hyaluronic acid, the skin's natural hydrator, which depletes as we age, and are administered in multiple microinjections to the skin's surface.

The idea of DHTs is to give the skin a real hydration boost and promote a glowing complexion, although they can also be used to improve the appearance of acne scars. Some advanced practitioners combine these treatments with medical micro-needling for extra plumping effect.

It's unlikely most of us refused that umpteenth mince pie, or said no to another glass of champers on New Year's Eve, so if you've over indulged during the holidays there's always the tried and tested non-surgical treatments above to help you fight the flab and beat the bloat without making one ill-advised resolution- or going under the knife.

Happy New Year!