07/06/2016 07:37 BST | Updated 04/06/2017 06:12 BST

Women - We Need to Connect to Make Changes

There are two things that I have found to be absolutely crucial in female campaigning: (1) connecting fierce ladies who empower each other and (2) organising the efforts of these women so that we can make a real impact by working together. To be totally honest, for me these two things have been pretty damn difficult to achieve. As an average nobody with relatively limited political experience, finding my place in the women's rights social movement that has graced the globe has been tough. Scrap that - it has been seriously difficult. If this movement is going to succeed in helping women gain vital rights and representation, then supporters need to be able to connect and share ideas with each other freely and easily. Action and change can never happen unless we unite and organise. It just won't. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the first to feel this way.

But this is where's new project comes in. There are SO MANY amazing people doing awesome things that will seriously benefit brilliant people around the world. To name but a few - '50:50' campaigners have fiercely argued for a dramatic improvement in female political representation, the brilliant Stevie Wise has made leaps in ending sexist pricing, an online petition successfully kept women on our banknotes, and we are axing tampon tax - but there's something we're missing here. We have so much energy to make positive changes, but we're somehow all fighting this battle separately. Imagine what we could do with a space specifically designed to help us work together. On everything. Whenever we want (potentially all the time, but don't go too crazy. Cats still need to be fed, plants watered, bills paid, albeit sadly).

No need to sweat over this. have got our back. This week they launched a brand new project designed to keep us connected and organised so that we can concentrate on making some serious waves around the world. The whole world. Whenever we want. Their new online space,, is now home to 6 online worlds of idea sharing and fierce organising. One of these 6 worlds will focus on women's rights campaigning. This is the world that I am helping to keep amazing. Within this space we will be able to share, edit and listen to ideas, as well as organise ourselves across a variety of female-focused campaigns and projects run all over the world. It's the campaigning missing link. And we've found it. I'm hoping it will help us to rule the world a little more every day, and find a home in the huge social movement that is empowering those who have been marginalised for generations. BUT WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS THING WORK. Get involved, change the world, and kick some ass. Even if just for ten minutes from your sofa. Hot chocolate and a laptop can be very powerful weapons...