Rooney Just Play Anywhere? #MyEuros

Rooney Just Play Anywhere? #MyEuros

We're in France and #MyEuros show looks at all things EURO's including dumb things you've been saying online and flight prices if England were to go home now. It's £80.

Croatia have pulled a genius pre tournament move lining up a friendly against San Marino. San Marino have a population of just over 30,000. Which is the size of a small Italian village. Inevitably Croatia won 10 Nil and team morale going into the EURO's has never been higher.

The Swedish national team are playing for Zlatan Ibrahimovic this summer and in their group games they play in Nice, where Zlatan has already scored this season, Toulouse, Zlatan scored two goals there this season and Stade de France where Zlatan has scored two goals and won two trophies just this season. They know there in good hands.

Marcus Rashford has made the England squad and it took him no longer than 3 minutes of his debut to convince Roy Hodgson that he had to take him to the EURO's. He's only 18 and were hoping the start of his England career is more Michael Owen than Theo Walcott.

Joe Ledley has been selected to play for Wales only 1 month after breaking his leg. He's either got super human healing skills or Bale has his work cut out. Does it even make a difference to Gareth Bale if he's got a team mate with a broken leg?

I love a bit of family politics to kick off a EURO's and one to watch is Granit Xhaka who just signed to arsenal for £35million and plays for the Swiss national team because he will be facing his brother Taulant who chose to play for Albania. I wonder what Christmas must be like in thier place - awkward probably.

The World Cup winners are back in their first tournament since lifting the trophy in Rio - Germany are a power house who are close favourites to win the tournament but they've slipped behind France who have Martial, Kante, Pogba, Lloris, Payet, Griezmann... I'm done!

In the news today!

After he was practically karate kicked in the face Harry Kane is calling for EURO referees to 'stay strong'. Kane has been praised for not rolling around in the floor like a beached dolphin when in all fairness the connection probably really hurt, but instead Kane acted like a decent human being and got back up after the terrible tackle. Which, let's be honest, is damn rare on the pitch nowadays. Kane wants to encourage refs to make bold decisions despite theatrics or lack of them in the EURO's.

Rooney has called for England to be 'spectacular' and hopes to end 50 years of hurt. I think the term Spectacular is a stretch for any England team. I'd settle for the word 'decent' or well. I'd like England to play....well. Every fan I've spoken to here is the stereotypical caricature of and England football fan. Packed for two weeks and haven't even unpacked just in case.

On the Rooney theme - England manager Roy Hodgson has come out and said Rooney's best position is Anywhere. That's the sort of insight we've come to expect from the England manager. Just play anywhere Rooney.

Assistant coach Roy Keane wants to kill some of his republic if Ireland team after they lost to Belarus. He's joking of course. But he wants to kill them.

Robert lewandowski says Poland has what it takes to win and the final is in Paris which is currently flooded No Big Deal. We're on it.

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