01/12/2015 11:52 GMT | Updated 01/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Rivers of Blood: LGBT Activists Pour Own Blood Into Home Office Ponds

Activists from Lesbian & Gays Supports the Migrants spilled their own blood into the pond outside of the Home Office in protest of the Immigration Bill to be voted on today.

Three protestors, from a larger group, cut themselves open to let their blood flow from their arms into the ponds in London this morning.


The House of Commons will vote on the controversial bill today.

Aspects of the bill being protested against include the restriction of access to welfare support for rejected asylum seekers and their dependents, the creation of a new criminal offence for workers without the right papers with sanctions such as the seizure of earnings, and forcing landlords to check the immigration status of all new tenants.

The protestors, dressed in black, believe these measures will increase discrimination.


Alex, from Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, said: "The MP's voting on the Immigration Bill today have blood on their hands.

"The Bill will leave people unable to access adequate housing and force workers into perilous working conditions.

"People fleeing persecution will be left with nothing to live on."


Sam, from Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, said: "With the Immigration Bill, the government seeks to turn ordinary people into border guards and create a divided society.

"This bill is not just an attack on migrants, but will increase discrimination against minorities, especially ethnic minorities.


"As queer people we stand in solidarity with people who face the repression of the state and the media, having faced similar repression only a few decades ago."


Lesbian and Gays Support the Migrants is a queer activist group that takes up the mantle from the 1980's Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees.

On 30 January 2016 the group will hold a migrant pride event to celebrate the strength of queer and migrant communities in the face of repression.