11/03/2015 11:39 GMT | Updated 11/05/2015 06:59 BST

Emotionally Staying in Control

Food, food everywhere and just what to eat? I was roaming round super markets over the weekend grabbing bits for parties and other items I wouldn't normally be purchasing. As anyone that knows me will know, I HATE (Yes Caps are necessary) food shopping so am lucky that I never really am in there. Anyway one thing I noted this past weekend is that all junk food, sweets, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks are so cheap and are bombarding you at the end of every isle, literally I could have bought enough for as pretty kicking party for just €10!

There is always one golden rule I do follow when heading to do any sort of food shop (when forced) is that I am not one bit hungry or thirsty. I know there have been many social experiments conducted around this, whereby a hungry thirsty shopper will literally over spend and not buy what they intended- great for the retailer not good for the consumer. We are a nation slowly becoming more interested with health, food, training, sport and anyone that goes to the effort of training each day will know the level of intensity and often pain that is required to burn those cals! However it can be often the emotional craving or draw from foods that will lead you down the wrong path of eating the wrong foods or simply too much. I have spoken before about triggers for over eating so today I wanted to address the lingering desire to eat foods that are not good for you.

I was living a real rock star lifestyle this past weekend, you know 1st birthday parties and the like. First birthday parties are literally a food fest, I had more sandwiches, sweets, crisps, cake and chocolate than I had for the entire year so far. The food just kept coming or was it a case of I just kept grabbing, look who doesn't love a good egg salad sandwich?!!! By the end of the day I actually felt dizzy from all the extra calories and sugar in my body and it reaffirmed to me that nutrition is of the utmost importance and eating well for your body needs to be key for your health and weight control- should you need that.

We will all have times when you overdo it but the key is to move on past it and get back on track,

Monday meant Organic porridge oats, eggs, greens and the like again for me, and today I feel great again. Why because I have righted my weekend wrongs. Temptations are very strong in life and can be so difficult to resist but did you know that will power is a muscle that you can train. Believe me this is a good thing. On Monday, a bag of chocolate was left on my desk, I left it there all day, at times thinking sure I'll just have one piece, but then re-switching my focus and turning my focus back to that feeling I had just 12 hours earlier when I thought to myself "never again" at the party!

It can be hard to retain all those endorphins you get from training all day long, especially when it comes to when something catches your eye and you think sure I'll just have some. In my experience, no one has one square of chocolate; normally it leads to an entire bar or a family size bar in serious chocoholics cases! So I am now working on training my mind to remember the work in the gym or that Crossfit WOD when temptation comes a calling and also respecting my body more so that when I give it goodness it appreciates that more and more.

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