28/09/2015 08:07 BST | Updated 27/09/2016 06:12 BST

It's Time for the Leather! Meeting, Training and Getting to Know Mr Will Power

Did you know that will power is an actual muscle that you can train? You might have known this subconsciously when you avoid temptation and say no to that chocolate cake you had been lusting after, this refusal would have been like doing 100 squats in terms of growing that will power reserve.

Will Power is dark, moody and incredibly stubborn but once you get to know it and master it then it really is a very powerful and rewarding relationship. I never knew about all this until all of a sudden I did.

When I realised there are choices in life that actually come into play in every single thing we do.

Yesterday, I heard this statement and I haven't stopped thinking about it since, "We always find a way or the energy to do the things we really, really want to do" and if you really, really think about the things you want from the material to that job- then you have found or are on the way to finding the way.

This doesn't mean just because now I know all about Mr Will Power it makes it easy, but it does make it easier.

There comes a point when you decide what you want and then it is just up to you to get it. Naturally when this comes to food, this is a very real battle for most people. Food is wonderful and brings so much happiness, it is the centre of the majority of the things we do. Food though can be a big struggle for people as we simply don't know when to stop; this is where Will Power comes to die!

I had a very interesting conversation on Friday night, and something new was brought to my attention. The body I am in now is certainly not the one I had 2, 5 or 10 years ago. I was in a conversation talking about young models, with very slight thin physiques. We were simply laughing at the sheer ease they had at throwing on any pair of jeans, they just glided up. Women will know the struggle of the jean.

There can be very little room for manoeuvre and unless they are essentially a jegging with more lycra and stretch than actual denim, well then you are the size you truly are. We have all been there, lying on a bed, sweating trying to get the zip up or that button closed. Telling ourselves, "they do fit, they do!" or going to the extremes of excessively squatting and or a quick lunge routine to get them on or to loosen them out.

I was the worst offender for this, so on Saturday afternoon when I decided I was going to invest in a pair of leather trousers, the ones that just are, no stretch, real leather and behave almost like a second skin, I knew shit just got real. I always wondered did these skinny minnies feel smug at the ease of throwing on anything and it just fitted, or was it just second nature to them- who knows. Anticipation was rife as I headed to try them on, just the one pair I brought in with me..... they glided right up, no wriggle, no squirm, no hassle- zipped, buttoned and sat as they should be on my body, yes my body. This was a moment, a definite moment for me- no smugness just sheer delight! Maybe the smugness will come but I doubt it.

Why though does it take such time for us who work hard, eat well and train our bodies so long to appreciate the effort? Weekends are the time when people cut loose and all the hard graft and sweat from the week fades into a distant memory, Monday rolls round again and it's like déjà vu all over again. I suppose I was tired of this cycle and thought why not just give this a serious go and see if I can get the body I want to be in.

I think the leather pants are definitely me saying to Mr Will Power "oh heeeey I see you there and I am stronger than you!" So why not tune into training your will power and see just how much you can build up that strength and begin to enjoy your body and maybe join me in leather!