03/01/2016 19:56 GMT | Updated 03/01/2017 05:12 GMT

So What Next and How to Go About Getting It? #Makethechange

It all seems so straight forward, it's the New Year so naturally all talk has changed from how many selection boxes did you eat to what are you New Years Resolutions? In a few days everyone's mindset changes, the days of overindulgence are no longer acceptable and its all aboard the health train. I hate resolutions and these absolute declarations of serious intent because they are set in such an unrealistic fashion. No one can go from extremes such as never training to then deciding to train 12 times a week and swearing only green foods will pass their lips. Cue the crash and burn.

Today is the 3rd of Jan and I have already read two articles on new eating trends and training regimes' that will be huge in 2016! Does anyone else want to scream? Now even the training and food we eat must be trendy, life now is on every level about keeping up with the Jones's! (The new food craze is now being a Paleo Vegan FYI!!) This over complication and popularising of fitness and food trends I feel only confuses people even further. I mean the confusion about what you should actually be doing for your own health is now a bag of contradictions and will be dependent on what media streams you read, listen to and are influenced by. One thing is for sure and a mantra people can always live by is 'Eating a little less and moving a lot more'.

One thing people often say to me, I just don't know here to begin. I don't want to be that January cliché, I don't want to be the slowest and I don't want to be the weakest. These are all very clear excuses because the fear and stepping outside of that comfort zone is what lies ahead as soon as you put on those runners and walk through the doors of wherever it is you are going to train. What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how things are supposed to be.

We say things like, oh I'll start doing that when I am this weight, or I look like that or on Monday. This continual talking out of it talk means there is never is a starting point. We are all human and have our own insecurities, we all get nervous, we all have challenges and we all like to be wrapped in a security blanket because it's safe there. But if we don't ever step out of there and take the first step, then nothing ever changes. Just think how fast time flies by now, think about short and long term goals and imagine where you will be in a month, then 3 then 6 and then in a year.

I think honestly the most powerful thing about January and embarking on a new journey is the power lies completely in your hands, the power of success and failure is in your own hands. It is not down to your trainer, food or the people in your life. This maybe is forgotten by people as you will hear people blaming trainers, gyms, and the pizza delivery guy for why they just didn't see any results. Sorry folks but if it's meant to be then it's up to me. We have to as adults take accountability for our actions and life choices and honestly once you realise this, that's when the magic happens. Just think right now what YOU can MAKE happen this year?? Well, let your mind go.

The magic formula for this though is commitment and consistency; you must give 100% with your body, your mind and your attitude. Have you ever wondered what sets successful people apart? It is all down to self belief, hard work and knowing that where the mind goes the body will follow. So have a little self belief this January and know that YOU can in fact do ANYTHING you set your mind and body too. #makethechange