12/10/2015 08:35 BST | Updated 12/10/2016 06:12 BST

A guide to Corporate Baby Gifts

Buying corporate gifts, being entrusted to make the right choice to convey the company's sentiments is a big responsibility. It is important to get it right and to hit the right note, never more so than when sending congratulations on the birth of a baby or to mark the start of maternity leave. Increasing numbers of companies now have budgets to cover gifting and within organisations and the public sector which don't, it is usual for colleagues to make a collection and to pool funds to buy a gift. Many companies also send gifts to convey new baby congratulations to key clients.

Unless a collection is made by friends or close colleagues, choosing a suitable maternity leave present or new baby gift to send often falls to a PA, or member of the HR team within a company. They may themselves be a mother or experienced gift buyer but equally may be neither, without the slightest inkling what new parents want or need. Aside from the recipients themselves, there are the opinions of the rest of the company and colleagues to consider and spending company funds is always open to scrutiny and criticism.

When we started out in 2005, fresh flowers were the default gift for a baby gift, but no longer! We have lost count of the number of PA's who have been in touch to thank us, commenting that they are 'so bored of buying and sending fresh flowers' and are delighted with our baby clothing bouquets as an alternative. With over ten years experience, the team at Babyblooms are corporate baby gift specialists and our extensive range is tailored to hit the right note and impress at all budget levels. The team are always on hand to advise and help with any special requirements and we also thought we would pull together our online guide for corporates on buying the perfect baby gift:


1. Not too cheap or extravagant

2. Thoughtful but not too personal

3. Practical, useful but not boring

4. Must wow and impress without being too flashy

5. Must be memorable


1. Baby Clothing Bouquets

Starting from just £30, bouquets of baby clothes remain the first choice amongst corporate customers. Priced in line with fresh flowers and delivered next working day, they incorporate premium quality classic baby garments interspersed with beautiful silk roses. The garments can be easily extracted from the bouquet leaving an everlasting bouquet arrangement for Mum to keep and treasure.

2. Hampers

For more generous budgets, our range of luxurious hampers and gift baskets each include a baby bouquet along with a hand picked collection of baby soft toys, skincare for Mum and Baby or fabulous baby blankets. This gift ticks all the boxes for being practical, thoughtful, impressive and a memorable present.

3. Nappy Cakes

Our nappy cakes are fun and unique maternity presents. Made from biodegradeable nappies, with soft toys, bodysuits, bibs, hats and muslin squares, these stunning mum-to-be gifts are both beautiful and practical. They also make a wonderful centrepiece for presentations to colleagues who will certainly be 'wowed' by this special gift.

4. Year Bear

Our traditional 2015 year bears make great keepsake gifts for a new mum and her baby. Available with personalised options too, all our teddy bears come beautifully packaged and make a memorable corporate gift.

5. Essential Mum to Be Collection

This mum to be present is made to pamper mum with a collection of our natural and award winning skincare. The set contains luxurious body balm, soothing leg and foot cream and a refreshing skin spritz which packaged together makes a thoughtful gift.

Babyblooms is exhibiting at the Office Show being held in London at Olympia on 13th and 14th October 2015 where we will be displaying our range of Baby Bouquets and Baby Gift Hampers.

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