01/12/2015 06:54 GMT | Updated 30/11/2016 05:12 GMT

What a Mum Really Wants for Christmas

So what do you buy a new mum for Christmas? Or mum to be? As I work with a team of mums with a mission to delight them at every given opportunity, I believe that all present buying for such special people should be thoughtfully considered.

If you are buying for a mum-to-be, she is either looking after her children whilst pregnant or if she's a first time mum she's heading into work every day. With busy commutes and an alcohol free Christmas parties she deserves to really be pampered this Christmas. Or, if you are buying for a new mum who has carried for nine months, given birth, is no doubt sleep deprived and even quite stressed as she tries to manoeuvre her new world, finding the perfect gift for her is really important.

So how do you woo and wow? Think of really pampering and relaxing. skincare, candles, and diffusers

I am always apologising for being tired- but I really am! As a new mum, my body and face wants and need some nourishment. There are lots of pregnancy treats to choose from such as a nourishing body balm for the bump or a spritzer for tired legs which every pregnant mum will love in her stocking! Or for a new mum who is missing out on sleep and going through lots of changes, taking time out is so important. A delicious candle for bath time or a really delicious moisturiser will work a treat. Beauty treats will never be passed up or unappreciated. Just make sure you check the skincare is suitable for pregnancy!

Give her something thoughtful and forever - jewellery is a perfect gift for mum at Christmas as it really does mark a moment in time and lasts forever. There are so many beautiful collections it can be hard to know what to choose. This is what made me design a Diamond Pip necklace which are mini diamonds set on the inside of a circle as a subtle symbol of pregnancy and togetherness. A perfect gift could be a breastfeeding bracelet as they are beautifully elegant yet very practical for those early breastfeeding months. The bracelet is easily swapped from wrist to wrist to record the last side of feeding and will endure as a classic piece of jewellery long beyond the breastfeeding months.

The classic gift all mums want (without being too cliché) is the "Mum Mug"! It will always be well loved, definitely will be used and is a bit of fun too but make sure you select a quality mug to reward that all important wind down moment. I love fine bone china mugs that are a good size - not too big, not too small and feel robust but delicate too. The perfect combination.

Don't forget that gifts should be beautifully wrapped. Making an effort with your selection of gift is important and not to forget the presentation of it too. Beautiful boxes, tissue paper and silk ribbon is our combination and is admired and appreciated by everyone who receives a gift!