14/01/2014 09:54 GMT | Updated 15/03/2014 05:59 GMT

N-Dubz Dappy Shows His True 'Sexist' Colours in 'CBB; Row

Oh Dappy, Dappy, Dappy. There was nothing more painful than watching the ridiculous hat wearing ex-N-Dubz star throwing his dummy out of the pram because he found out a girl had dared to have sex with more than one man.

And I had to watch Lee Ryan pole dance. Sober. Thanks Dry January.

From the way he was talking on Friday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, you would have been forgiven for getting the popstar mixed up with the prehistoric gorilla that is comedian Jim Davidson.

But no, this is the guy who has girls dancing and writhing around him wearing next to nothing in his music videos while rapping about loving sexually adventurous women. However, when it comes to being face-to-face with some real-life sexually empowered women, it seems Dappy is a weeddle bit scared. Perhaps the hypocritical Dappy needs a nappy? (Sorry.)

Tensions had been simmering away between Sappy (last one I promise) and Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman for some time but things came to a head when Zissman accused the popstar of being a 'sexist, chauvinist pig' after he branded women who sleep with more than one man in a night 'disgusting'.

'If a man sleeps with five women he's a pig, and if a girl sleeps with five men well, you know,' Dappy finished up.

So let me get this straight D-Dawg, it is alright for you to champion a woman's sexuality provided it is on your terms and is making you money but if it is a woman's choice to do so, she is a slag.


At least when we were chained to the sink, we knew where we were. Now we have popstars falling over themselves telling us to be sassy, sexually provocative, independent, no-nonsense woman but all the while being guilty of not practising what they preach. Dappy is simply the latest is a long line. It was only last year when the Queen of sass Beyoncé herself refused to call herself a feminist during an interview with British Vogue and caused uproar when she named her latest tour Mrs Carter, following her nuptials with husband rapper Jay Z. She flits from being a hot, sexy and bootylicious mama to a Stepford Wife so frequently it makes my head spin.

Is it any wonder we girls are so confused when it comes to owning and embracing our sexuality?

Dappy's next single 'Baby put some more clothes on, finish the washing up and don't forget the ironing' will be available to download on iTunes from next Monday.